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Stay Warm and Unrestricted on Golf Course With Druids Mens Golf Gilet Collection

A golf gilet is a sleeveless jacket worn on top of a shirt or mid layer. It is a perfect addition to any golfer’s wardrobe as it is versatile and looks super trendy. 

At Druids, we use premium quality fabric and state of art technologies to produce golf gilets.

In summer, our gilets can be rocked as a fashion statement. In winter, they work as an additional insulating layer and in between seasons, they serve as outerwear by providing the perfect amount of warmth to the torso without restricting arm movements. 

We also manufacture the best golf jackets, golf jumpers, golf shoes, and golf gloves that you can add to your wardrobe.

Features That Make Druids Golf Gilets Worth Buying

  • Soft and Comfortable

    When designing golf wear, our brand pays special attention to how it would feel on the body. Our gilets are made with double knit jersey or fleece of the finest quality. 

    These fabrics are lightweight, feel soft against the skin and allow golfers to play for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. 

    Insulating and Warm

    The main aim of the gilet is to act like an insulator and keep the golfers warm on chilly days. At Druids, we line our gilets with a material known for its ability to insulate and retain warmth- fleece. 

    Fleece works by trapping body heat in its micro air pockets and blocks the entrance of cold air, hence keeping the golfers warm and toasty,


    On cooler days- most golfers layer up the gilet with a golf jacket. This layering can feel stuffy and uncomfortable if the apparel does not let air pass through. 

    At Druids, we use a special technique to weave the gilets’ fabric and ensure that it has plenty of tiny pores allowing the air to escape freely. 

    The high breathability of our brand’s vest collection makes it the perfect layering option for cool mornings and evenings.

    Moisture Wicking and Quick Drying

    It is impossible to get through a round of golf without sweating. At times, this sweat can cause immense discomfort and negatively impact a golfer's performance. 

    We have designed our gilets with fabric that draws excessive moisture and sweat away from the golfer’s body and exposes it to the outer surface for quick drying.

    Anti Microbial and Anti Odour Finish

    Wearing smelly clothes on the course is a no-go. But after a long round of golf, you are bound to sweat and smell. 

    Our gilet collection tackles this problem with its smart anti-microbial finish. This technology works by trapping and killing bacteria before it produces any odour. 

    The result is a fresh smelling vest, even after hours of gameplay. 

    Variety of Colours

    We understand that not every golfer likes to wear basic colours. Some are more into bold colours and wish to stand out. Our gilet collection is perfect for both types of golfers.

    We offer single colour gilets in sky blue, teal, navy blue, blue, burgundy, mint, grey, red, and white. We also do vests various trendy colour combinations like navy with red and lime with grey. 


    Our vest collections are designed with great attention to details. Everything from the premium quality two-toned fabric and contrasting zips to a tailored fit and quilted front makes our gilets super chic.

    Besides full zip knit golf vest, our brand manufactures a 1/4 Zip Pullover Gilet which is perfect for golfers who aren't into full zippers. 


    Our gilets are can be used in various weather conditions.

    The lightweight construction makes them a perfect layering option for winter. The insulating capacity and stretch makes it the best outerwear for chilly autumns. The padded front fights off harsh wind and makes it a good option for windy summer days.

    Since our golf gilets are super stylish they can also be worn off the course.

    Sizes for Every Body Type

    We support the body positivity movement and believe that golfers come in all shapes and sizes. Our golf wear collection, including gilets, comes in a wide range of sizes. 

    We stock gilets in small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL but planning on adding more sizes in the future. 

    Hassle Free Maintenance

    We understand that long care instructions can be annoying, especially after a long, tiring game day. 

    Our vests are made with durable, machine-washable fabric. Just turn them inside out and use water with temperature under 30 degrees. 

    The vests will look as good as new even after several washes and won't colour bleed. 

    Easy on the Pocket

    Unlike other brands, Druids believe in producing golf wear that is high in quality and low in cost. Our company has a fair pricing policy which extends to everything we make- including gilets. 

    So if you are looking for a gilet that is lightweight, comfortable, stylish, affordable, and offers the right amount of stretch - Druids is the perfect brand for you.

    Not sure how to style your gilet? Don't worry. We have everything you need to stay warm and appear stylish on the golf course.

    Keep your torso warm and your arms unrestricted by pairing our padded vests with our high-performance polo shirt or golf mid layer. On colder days, you can layer it with our highly functional golf jacket.
  • Gilets make use of three different types of materials

    • Down

    Down gilets are filled with the feathers of ducks or geese. These gilets are very lightweight and incredibly warm. 

    • Synthetic

    Synthetic gilets make use of poly fibres that mimic the warming effect of down. This type is less bulky and better at wicking moisture than down. 

    • Fleece

    Fleece-lined gilets are great at retaining heat and are more breathable than the other two types. Fleece vests are also the most inexpensive type available in the market.

    No. There is no difference between a gilet and a body warmer. The two terms are interchangeable and used to describe a sleeveless jacket that offers warmth and comfort while allowing freedom of movement to your arms.

    An ideal gilet offers a snug fit with enough room for addition a couple of layers underneath . A gilet must also offer a good stretch. Form-fitting gilet looks nice, but it should not restrict your movement. 

    As far as the length is concerned, a gilet should be as long as your regular t-shirt. Anything longer than that can interfere with the swing or cause discomfort.