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Stay Cool on Hot Days With Druids Smart Golf Shorts

Wearing golf shorts in summer is an ideal way to stay cool, and enjoy the game to the fullest. These shorts are designed specifically for the course and allow the golfers to perform well on hot, humid days. 

At Druids, we have carefully put together a collection of golf shorts that is highly functional and stylish. These shorts are perfect for players who carry on with the game despite the high temperature. 

The latest designs, unique colors and features make our shorts stand out on and off the golf course. You can pair these shorts with our best selling golf polos, golf socks, and golf shoes that are designed with functionality and style in mind.

Features That Make Druids Golf Shorts Collection Stand Out

  • Soft & Comfortable
  • In summer, golf shorts are a perfect alternative to long golf trousers- provided that they feel good against the skin. 

    To ensure comfort, we use light but highly durable fabric that allows the air to pass through it, and keeps the golfer going despite the hot weather conditions.

  • Moisture Wicking & Quick Drying
  • Spending long hours on the golf course leads to sweating which may irritate the skin and negatively impact the gameplay. 

    To avoid such a situation, we manufacture our shorts with polyester fabric that has incredible moisture wicking and drying abilities.

    The built-in capillary system of this fabric pulls the moisture away from the golfer's body and takes it toward the outer surface for quick drying.

  • Super Stretchable
  • To give the best performance on the course, a golfer needs shorts that would allow him to bend and stretch in every direction- this is why we pay special attention to the stretchability of our shorts. 

    The material used in our collection undergoes a procedure that allows it to stretch four ways- meaning a golfer can stretch lengthwise or widthwise without feeling restricted.

  • Lightweight
  • Anything made of thick fabric can be too much for hot and humid weather. Keeping this in mind, we manufacture our golf shorts with lightweight polyester. 

    This material is made on special order and isn’t available easily in the market- hence another reason why our shorts are amongst the best.

  • Versatile
  • We understand how amazing it feels to own clothes that can be worn on and off the golf course. Our shorts collection is designed to fulfil this desire. They are super comfortable for game days and stylish enough to be worn on a casual day out. 

  • Variable Sizes
  • We believe that golfers come in all sizes and shapes. To ensure that every golfer gets the right fit- we stock our golf clothes in numerous sizes. 

    Our shorts have the same standard length, but waist sizes vary. We offer waist sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 42. 

  • Stylish
  • Looking stylish on the course is just as important as hitting good shots. Our designers understand it better than anyone else and have put a lot of thought into the style of the golf shorts collection.

    Each article has a regular performance fit that looks classic yet super stylish. The two front pockets and welted back pockets not only add to the design but also help golfers carry extra balls and tees. Lastly, the five belt loops make our shorts fit every golf clubs' dress code.

  • Colourful
  • Wearing basic colours is not so trendy anymore. Just like style and tailoring, we have paid extra attention to the colour options. 

    Our golf shorts come in pink, strawberry, teal, and olive- all shades that look super chic on summer evenings.

  • Affordable
  • We have always aimed at producing golf apparel that is high quality and budget friendly. Our golf shorts are super stylish and offer all the best features at affordable prices. 

    Our Best Golf Shorts

    Men's Clima Golf Shorts

    Our Men's Clima Shorts are the best you can get in the golf shorts category. These are super stylish and equipped with the latest features like quick dry technology and four way stretch.

    The colour options available are perfect for the summer and make them a good choice for off course activities as well. 

    So if you are a fashion forward golfer who likes to shop on a budget, our men's Clima shorts are made just for you.

    How Does Druids Manage to Keep The Prices Low and Quality high?

    The answer is pretty simple- we manufacture our own golf products.


    Unlike many other online stores that resell high end brands' products at a higher price, we put a lot of effort into finding the finest quality raw material and processing it into your favorite golf products.


    Being able to deliver affordable and high quality products is a matter of pride for us. So while you enjoy our budget friendly products, we enjoy being able to produce those for you.

    Want to upgrade your wardrobe for the summer season? You’ve come to the right place.

    We offer highly functional golf polos and golf shoes that look super stylish when paired with these shorts. So shop now and get your summer wardrobe sorted.

    As the name indicates, these are shorts designed specifically for golfing. They make perfect golf wear for summer months when cool. and lightweight clothes are preferred. 

    The fabric used in these shorts is soft, lightweight, wicks moisture, and dries up quickly. Some of these shorts may also have antimicrobial property.

    The term tailored golf shorts means a pair of shorts that fits nicely and have a hemmed bottom, deep pockets, and belt loops. 

    These shorts are not too short or long and end just above the knees.

    A good pair of shorts are made with lightweight, breathable and stretchable fabrics like polyester, cotton, and spandex.

    There was a time when shorts were not allowed on the golf course. Now, most golf clubs have added shorts to their dress code, but there is still a restriction on the length allowed. 

    The ideal shorts end right above your kneecaps. Anything too short (more than four inches above the knee) or long looks untidy and is not permitted by the clubs.


    If you wish to look stylish on the golf course, pair your shorts with a collared polo shirt, matching golf socks, and spikeless golf shoes. 

    If you plan on joining your friends for a fun night out after your game, you can replace the polo with a regular t-shirt and golf shoes with sneakers.

    Golf shorts are versatile and look super chic when paired with the right shirt.


    Golf clubs do not allow members to wear jeans or cargo shorts to the green. It is best not to wear gym shorts on the course either. 

    The ideal shorts are made with stretchable, lightweight material, end right above your knees, and have belt loops like golf trousers.

    Avoid anything with drawstrings because it does not meet most golf clubs' dressing criteria.


    It is preferred to wear golf socks made especially for golfing. These socks keep the feet sweat free and protect them from developing blisters and calluses.

    Ankle length socks that fit snugly without restricting your toes go perfectly with shorts. 

    You may opt for the no show length socks that end just above the collar of the shoe.


    Yes. These shorts are super comfortable and fall in the business casual category. You can wear them while golfing, travelling, clubbing, or dining out. 

    You may also wear golf shorts to the swimming pool as they are lightweight and dry quickly. In short, it is a versatile piece of clothing that works well on and off the course.