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Druids Kids Jackets & Gilets: Designed To Protect Young Golf Masters From Elements

To stay on top of the game, young golf champs need to dress according to the weather. For winter, the appropriate golf outfit includes a polo shirt layered with a functional gilet and golf jacket. 

High quality golf jackets and gilets offer the right amount of warmth without hindering movements. At Druids, we manufacture functional and stylish outerwear for young boys. 

Our versatile golf jackets can be worn on and off the golf course and are a perfect addition to the future swing master’s winter wardrobe.

Features That Make Druids Jackets & Gilets Ideal For Golf Prodigy

Soft & plush fabric ensures comfort for extended periods of time

The comfort level of golfers impacts their performance on the golf course and may help them win or lose the game.

 At Druids, we use the finest quality polyester and fleece fabrics to manufacture jackets for junior golfers. These fabrics feel super soft against the skin and help the young golf master deliver an ace performance every time.

Fleece lining & high loft padding offer excellent insulation in cold weather 

Our golf jackets and gilets are designed to keep the junior golf master warm and dry all day long. Their thick fleece lining traps heated air particles to insulate and regulate the body temperature.

The high loft padding on the front and back provides extra warmth and prevents the cold wind from penetrating the outerwear. 

Our jackets are also showerproof and let the tiny golf enthusiasts play even when it's raining. 

In short, Druids junior golf jacket collection offers protection from all elements so your kid can fully enjoy his game. 

Moisture wicking and antimicrobial technology improves hygiene 

Young boys are very enthusiastic and play golf for long hours. If you want your little one to look and feel fresh even after several hours, Druids golf jackets are a perfect choice.

Our entire collection is made with unique moisture wicking and antimicrobial technologies that keep the golfing prodigy dry and kill odour producing bacteria for a nat and presentable appearance. 

Trendy designs and various colour options match every youngster’s style preferences

Every kid deserves to look stylish on and off the course. At Druids, our creative designers' team put a lot of thought and effort into creating unique jacket styles.

The quilted front and back, two toned fabric, and contrasting zippers make our jackets look incredibly trendy. We also make sure that every junior gets their favourite coloured golf jacket by manufacturing them in all the trendy colours including, blue, orange, red, black, grey, and navy.. 

Wide range of sizes:

We understand that there is no particular age for playing golf. Our golf jackets for kids come in various sizes. To make it easy to shop, we divide the sizes into age groups. Kids from 6 to 14 years of age can enjoy Druids' winter jackets.

Great value for money 

Druids believe in a fair pricing policy. For the last 10 years, our brand has been working hard to make affordable golf clothing and accessories accessible to all. 

We follow a direct to consumer sale approach and avoid advertising our brand to keep the prices low. Every article in our junior golf clothing collection including jackets  is made with premium quality materials and comes at a very budget friendly price. 

Searching for a high quality and affordable junior golf clothing range? You’ve come to the right place. 

At Druids, we manufacture and stock top notch golf polo shirts, golf jackets, golf gilets, golf jumpers, golf trousers, and golf shorts for young golf pros.

Browse through hundreds of styles on our website and revamp the future Tiger Woods' wardrobe with a functional golf clothing range.

Druids kids' winter jackets are divided into sizes by age. We provide jackets for kids ages between 6 to 12 years of age. If your child's build is big or small for his age, you can take their measurements and select the size that fits.

To measure a child's jacket size in the UK, follow these steps:

- Measure the widest part of the chest.

-Take sleeve length by measuring from the centre back of the neck to the wrist with the arm slightly bent.

-Lastly, measure the length from the shoulder blades to the middle of the trouser's zipper. 

-Compare these measurements with Druids' size chart and pick the ideal size for your child.

If you are looking for affordable and high quality kids' winter jackets, you can shop at Druids. Druids is one of the most loved golf wear brands in the UK and aims to promote golf by keeping the prices of its apparel low.