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Functional and Stylish Golf Trousers for Men

Playing golf in regular pants or trousers is a no-go. To look and give the best on the course, golfers must own a few pairs of well-tailored golf trousers. Druids has worked with professional golfers to create stylish and highly functional golf trousers.
Druids also make the best golf polo shirts, golf jackets, and shoes that you can pair with these trousers to complete your golf course look.

Features That Make Druids Golf Pants Stand Out:

Light Weight and Comfortable:

For long game days, lightweight trousers are the safest choice. Our men’s golf trousers are prepared with an extremely lightweight yet durable fabric.
Such fabric feels like a feather on the skin and helps improve the golfers' performance on the course.


Breathability is a crucial trait for all types of golf wear. Our trousers are made with highly breathable polyester fabric.
This material resists moisture absorption and makes the evaporation process much faster. Hence allowing golfers to enjoy their game without worrying about the build-up of sweat.

Greater Flexibility

The main purpose served by golf pants is to allow proper movement. At Druids, we pay special attention to this feature. All our trousers are made with super stretch fabric- allowing the user to bend, twist and stretch without feeling uncomfortable. Our super stretch technology also makes the trousers durable and long-lasting.

Attention to Details

We have designed our golf trousers with meticulous attention to detail. To ensure good performance on the golf course, we offer features like front pockets, back welt pockets, belt loops on the waist, and zip fly.

Regular Performance Fit

The fitting of trousers can enhance or weaken your performance on the golf course. All our pants have a regular performance fit that is perfect for every body type. Wider hips, thicker thighs, or long legs- our men's collection works for all.

Sizes for Every Body Type

We have always been very accommodating with our size range. Our men’s golf trousers are available in waist sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40. All these sizes can be paired with leg lengths 32 or 34. Golfers can select their perfect size by going through the size guide available on our website.

Wide Range of Colours

It doesn't matter what colour you like, you will find it in our brand's men's golf trouser collection. For those who like basic colours, we offer black, charcoal, white, beige, navy and grey trousers. Similarly, for golfers who like to stand out, we stock trendy colours like red, pink, teal, and sky blue.

Simple Care Routine

We understand that no one has time to follow special care instructions for a pair of trousers. All of our men’s golf trousers are machine washable and resist wrinkling.

Budget Friendly

Unlike high-end brands and resellers, we do not take advantage of our customers. Our brand has always aimed at manufacturing high-quality and budget-friendly golf products.
Our men’s golf trousers are no exception- the quality and price range we offer are unbeatable.

Not sure what to pair your golf trousers with? We stock high-performance golf polos and golf shoes in a variety of styles. You will definitely find the perfect match at affordable rates.


As the name indicates, golf trousers are a part of proper golf attire. This piece of clothing uses lightweight fabric like polyester that wicks moisture, dries fast, and improves gameplay by allowing the perfect amount of stretch.
  • Fabric: The most obvious difference between golf and dress pants is the fabric. Dress pants usually make use of heavier fabrics like cotton twill and wool. Golf pants, on the other hand, use more lightweight fabric like polyester.


  • Moisture Wicking property: Dress pants are less efficient at wicking moisture than golf pants.


  • Stretch: Since golf pants are meant to allow movement. They are more stretchable and do not restrict the swinging of golf clubs. The regular pants may feel a little restrictive when swinging.


  • Inner Lining: Dress pants are meant for a more formal setting and have an inner lining. In golf pants, the lining is absent because it may feel too warm on a summer day, and may cause rash or discomfort.

A few things that you must consider before buying golf trousers are;


  • Lightweight and Comfortable: A good game of golf can go on for hours. Make sure you pick a trouser made with lightweight and comfortable fabric.


  • Breathable and Moisture Wicking: Good golf pants do not allow the build up of sweat. They are made with a fabric that wicks moisture and dries up quickly.

  • Stretchable: To ensure playability, good brands make their trousers with stretchable material- avoid clothes that restrict movements at all costs.


  • Perfect Fit: Make sure the trousers fit just right. They shouldn’t be too loose or tight as that can impact your gameplay.
There are two types of pants available in the market- slim fit and regular fit. The slim-fit pants are tailored to give you a smart look while regular-fit pants are loose all over.
It doesn’t matter what type you go for as long as it allows you to bend and crouch comfortably.
Besides this, your pants must sit on your waist snugly because the last thing you want to worry about on the golf course is uncomfortably tight or loose pants.
The length should end just below your ankle because that is the dress code for many golf clubs.
To stay focused on the game, one needs to wear pants that sit in the right place. A belt helps you achieve that.
Besides this, many golf clubs have a strict dress code that includes a belt. So, yes, wearing a belt with golf trousers is a must.
Although you can wear any belt, we recommend you to get the one designed especially for golfers. Druids belts are lightweight and allow a good stretch for optimum performance.

Yes, golf pants are business casual and can be worn to office or dinner meetings with colleagues.


So if you are tired of those uncomfortable chinos, you can replace them with golf pants but keep a few things in mind.


  1. Your golf pants must fit nicely. They shouldn't be too tight or loose as that gives a poor impression.
  2. Your pants must end below your ankle. Anything shorter than that looks improper in an office setting.
  3. Go for neutral colours. Do not, ever, wear golf pants with bold patterns or funky colours.

If you don't own a pair of golf pants, you can opt for regular ones. Just make sure you choose pants made with polyester or cotton because they wick moisture faster than others.


Avoid jeans at all cost. Chinos are a good option, but they aren't too comfortable for long hours of gameplay.


Besides this, you might have to check in with your golf club before dressing up in casual pants. Most clubs have a dress code that they follow strictly. So you might not be allowed to enter in your casual pants.


In short, you can play golf in regular pants, but since they are uncomfortable and prohibited at many clubs, it is best to buy trousers made for golfing.

Yes. Golf pants are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn on and off the course. For casual night outs at restaurants or bars, you can opt for golf pants with bold patterns and loud colours.