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Keep The Cold Out With Druids Insulating Women’s Baselayers

The true spirit of sportsmanship is reflected by the limits one can go to improve their game. In winter, many women say goodbye to outdoor training sessions, but the tough ones sort out their wardrobes and carry on. 

These tough ladies understand the importance of the layering system and beat the weather with their proper winter sportswear. 

A base layer is a winter wardrobe essential. It is worn as the first layer on the body and aims at warming it up in cool weather conditions. 

At Druids, we stock base layers made with the finest fabric and equipped with the latest technologies. Though designed specifically for golfers, you can wear these versatile pieces for any athletic activity. 

If you wish to buy yourself a stunning winter golf outfit, you can check out our women’s golf wear range consisting of performance polos, midlayers, gilets, and golf jackets
We manufacture and stock golf wear for men and kids as well. So if you are a family of golf enthusiasts, our stunning polo shirts, golf jackets, golf trousers, and golf shoes are perfect for you.

Features That Make Druids Women’s base layers stand out 

Designed & tailored with comfort in mind

A base layer is worn directly over the skin and needs to be super soft and comfortable. At Druids, we take pride in having the UK's most comfortable women's base layer collection. 

The premium quality fabric, ergonomically shaped seams, and flatlock stitching keep you comfortable and prevent the long-sleeved baselayer from chafing or rubbing against the skin. 

So, when wearing our baselayer, a player can focus on the game without being distracted by discomfort or irritation.

Offer a four-way stretch for unrestricted movement.

When dressing up to play golf or any other sport, it is crucial to pick articles that offer maximum stretch and mobility. 

At Druids, our golf wear experts studied several materials and discovered a fabric blend that offers a four-way stretch. 

We construct all our women's base layers with this highly durable four-way stretchable fabric that allows unhindered movement length and widthwise. 

So that when you wear our long sleeved baselayer, you can perform without the fear of tearing your clothes.

Antibacterial finish to stave off unpleasant odours

We may not be the inventors of antimicrobial clothes, but we are definitely producing the best antimicrobial golf wear in the UK. 

The outer surface of our women's base layers has a coat of antimicrobial film. This film prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the clothes and keeps you fresh and clean for long periods of time.

The antimicrobial finish also prolongs the life of our women’s base layers by discouraging the growth of fabric-degrading bacteria.

Perfect layering option for all winter sports

The drop in temperature calls for layering. Our women’s base layers make the perfect layering choice for every winter sport. 

The lightweight construction makes them undetectable under all the layers. The high breathability prevents stuffiness, and moisture wicking ability staves off excess moisture and keeps the user dry even after strenuous activity.

Lastly, the ability of our baselayers to trap heated air particles in the small spaces between the skin and snug fabric keeps the user warm all day long.

Enhance body shape and fit like a second skin 

Nothing feels better than looking good in your own skin or, in our women's baselayers' case- your second skin. All our women's baselayers offer a snug fit and are so soft that they feel skin.

Our expert designers have worked hard to produce baselayers that enhance the appearance of a user’s body shape by providing a smooth and streamlined look under clothing. 

So if you want to feel confident about your appearance while playing your favourite sport, Druids base layers are perfect for you.

Easy on the pocket 

When you find women's golf baselayers that are high quality, regulate temperature, wick moisture, and keep you warm and dry- at prices lower than Druids, you can take your money back. 

Druids calls itself the future of sportswear for a reason. Since inception, our goal has been to manufacture and stock a wide range of golf wear that is high in quality and easy on the pocket. 

At Druids, we put a lot of thought and effort into everything we manufacture. Our golf wear and sportswear are high quality and super affordable.

Some of our best selling items you must shop for include performance golf polos, track tops, joggers, golf baselayers, golf shorts, and trousers for men, women, and children.

We also stock a golf ambassador pack and a lounge ambassador pack for men. These value packs offer you a complete activewear kit of your choice at affordable prices.

Base layers for both genders serve one main purpose- offering insulation and keeping the body warm on cold days. The only significant difference one may notice between the two is the fitting. 

Men's golf base layers are typically designed to fit a larger, wider body shape, while women's golf base layers are designed to fit a smaller, more curvaceous body shape.

Besides this, women’s base layers have a more tapered and fitted design while men’s are more relaxed. 

Technically, yes, a man can wear women’s baselayer, but it may not fit well. Men usually have a wider body and since women's mid layers are designed to be more body hugging, they might not allow proper movement or feel comfortable.

The primary purpose of base layers is to regulate body temperature and insulate by trapping heated air particles next to your body. 

A baselayer also keeps the wearer warm and dry by moving sweat toward the outer surface, where it can evaporate more quickly.