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Look Smart and Fashionable On Golf Course With Druids Golf Belts

A golf outfit is incomplete without a stylish golf belt. It helps the golfers improve performance by keeping the trousers in place and enhances the overall appearance. 

At Druids, we use state of the art technology and premium-quality materials to produce golf belts that help golfer players swing freely and elevate their look.

Besides belts, we also offer comprehensive, highly functional and stylish golf wear that includes golf polos, golf jumpers, golf trousers, mens golf shorts and golf shoes

Features That Make Druids Golf Belt Collection Unique

Made By a Golfer For Golfers

The founder of our brand, Lewis Jones is a golf enthusiast and has spent most of his childhood on Scottish fairways.   

Being a golfer, he understands the requirements of golf players and uses his expertise to design the golf apparel and accessories accordingly.

Our mens golf belts and womens golf belts have all the features and are manufactured solely for golf lovers. 

Premium Quality

At Druids, quality is our top priority. The raw material is selected carefully and final products undergo a screening process to ensure their quality is up to par.

For our golf belts, we make use of premium quality PU leather- also known as polyurethane or faux leather.

PU leather used by our brand is the perfect choice for golf belts as it is lightweight, durable, trendy, easy to clean and 100% vegan.


Our brand believes that the appearance of a golfer impacts his performance on the golf course. Dressing up in a smart and stylish outfit can boost confidence and performance. 

Our golf belts are designed with meticulous attention to detail and are aesthetically pleasing. 

Our latest collection is made with premium crocodile style PU leather that looks elite. The stainless steel buckle with Druids famous D logo adds to the style. 

Needless to say, these golf belts look super cool and have a capability to elevate the most boring outfit. They can also be worn off the course which is an added plus. 

Available in Variety Of Colours 

We understand that not everyone likes plain old colours. Some golfers are more into bold colours and love to stand out. 

The PU leather we use allows us to manufacture golf belts in a variety of colours. We stock belts in ten different colours, including- blue, bottle green, bright green, deep red, lavender, orange, sky blue, grey, navy, and tan. 

The exciting part is- more colours will soon be added. So you can pair your favourite outfit with a matching golf belt. 

One Size Fits All

Our belt collection comes in one standard size and has just the right amount of holes at the right places. Our experts have spent hours designing the perfect belt that would fit all golfers. 

So if you do not want to get stuck in a situation where your waist size comes in between two belt holes- our one size golf belts are a perfect match for you. 

Easy On The Pocket

Our brand was founded with an aim to make golf wear more affordable and accessible to everyone. Many golf wear manufacturers out there sell belts for hundreds of pounds, but not Druids.

At Druids, we sell quality at fair prices. Our golf belts are inexpensive and have all the traits a golfer may look for- premium quality PU leather, stylish stainless steel buckle, perfect sizing and various colour options. 

Another noteworthy characteristic of our belts is that they are made according to the latest trends- hence making them the perfect choice for a fashion forward golfer. 

Easy To Clean

We understand that long care instructions can feel like a nuisance at times. No one likes to spend long hours cleaning or washing their golf outfit. This is why we try our best to make our clothes and accessories easy to clean. 

Our golf belts are made with polyurethane leather that doesn’t accumulate dirt and is very easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and you are good to go.

Looking for stylish and highly functional golf clothes? You’ve come to the right place!  At Druids we stock everything you need for your golf wardrobe. 

Be it golf polo shirts, golf shorts, trousers, shoes, or golf equipment, we got it all at incredible prices. So check out Druids website and shop your heart out. 

Golf belts are an essential part of the golf wardrobe. They keep the golf pants in place and enhance your overall appearance. Most golf clubs do not allow golfers to play a round unless they are wearing a golf belt.

There was a time when most professional golfers preferred white golf belts over any other colour as they helped them stand out but not anymore.

Now golfers pick belts that suit their outfits and help them appear sleek.

Leather Belts:

Leather belts are made with animal hide and are preferred by golfers with an expensive taste. These belts are very long lasting and good at withstanding wear and tear. 

The downside of these belts is that they are expensive and require proper care and maintenance.

PU Belts:

These are faux leather golf belts made with synthetic fibers but look and feel like real hide. PU belts are inexpensive and easy to clean. The con of these belts is that they smell like plastic and chemicals.

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