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Gear Up Your Little One with Druids Performance Driven & Stylish Kids Golf Trousers

Make your child look and feel a part of the golf course with high performance golf trousers. At Druids, we aim to manufacture high-quality and affordable clothes. Our boys' trousers are crafted with the finest fabric and offer a fit that improves freedom of movement and mobility. So when wearing Druids' golf trousers, the little golfing genius swings freely and hits the best shots.

Druids' boys' golf trousers can be paired with our technology driven kids polo shirts for an ultimate on-course experience. For the winter season, our kids winter jackets and boys jumpers can be a perfect addition to the mini golf champ's wardrobe. 

Features That Make Druids Kids Trousers The Ultimate Choice For Young Golfers

Premium quality fabrics ensure comfort and practicality. 

Druid golf trousers are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The entire range uses high performance and lightweight polyester fabric that feels soft against the skin and allows rapid evaporation of sweat in humid weather conditions. The material utilised is also highly durable and withstands the rigours of regular use without tearing or wearing out.
At Druids, we understand that kids get their clothes soiled faster than adults. This is why our entire junior golf clothing collection, including boys' golf trousers, is machine wash-friendly. When washed with mild detergent, the trousers come out looking as good as new, even after several washes.

Four-way stretch offers unmatched freedom of movement

We believe kids can only excel at golf when comfortable in their clothes. Using modern technologies, we have equipped our boys' trousers with a four-way stretch that provides them with unmatched freedom of movement and allows them to enjoy their game to the full extent.
Whether the young golf champ is swinging the club, bending down to retrieve the golf ball, or running around the course,  Druids' golf trousers make them feel comfortable and free all day. 

Precision and perfection in every detail provide a smooth golfing experience

Playing golf in unpredictable weather conditions can get your child sick, especially if he isn't appropriately dressed. To ensure your little one has the best experience on the golf course every time, we pay great attention to the detail of our golf trousers.
On warmer days, our trousers' lightweight construction and high breathability keep the junior's legs cool and sweat-free while protecting them from hard sun rays. In colder seasons, on the other hand, the regular performance fit of our pants allows them to be layered over a base layer for insulating heat.
Besides being functional, our boys' golf trousers are also sleek and trendy. To ensure they fit into every golf club's dress code, our creative team has designed them with all the necessary features. Every trouser in our junior golf clothing offers belt loops on the waist, a zip fly, two front pockets, and welted back pockets. 

Crafted for kids of all ages to master the swinging skill in style

Our entire junior golf clothing collection is divided into sizes according to the age of the children. The boys trousers sizes are available for the following age groups: 6-8 years, 8-10 years, 10-12 years, and 12-14 years. If your child is healthy or petite for his age group, you can shop his ideal size by comparing his measurements to the size chart available on Druids' website.

Reasonable prices enhance accessibility. 

We provide junior golf clothing at lower rates than the rest of the market. All our clothes, including boys' golf trousers, are top-tier and equipped with the latest technologies, so if you want to revamp your child's wardrobe with affordable and high-quality apparel, Druids is the place to go.

Want to shop the complete golfing outfit for the future golf master? Druids offer the best junior golf clothing range in the UK.

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Yes, girls' golf pants may have a more fitted and tailored look, while boys' golf pants may be more loose and relaxed. Girls' golf pants may also have smaller pockets, or different colours and patterns, while boys' golf pants may have more traditional colours and styles.

Druids offer a wide variety of boys' golf trousers made with high-quality materials and equipped with features like high breathability, stretchability, and four-way stretch. The prices of these trousers are also budget-friendly, and you can avail 5% discount on your first order by using promo code "Social5."