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Nothing Says Style & Comfort Better Than Druids Men’s Hoodies

Hoodie has become a wardrobe essential for every man. The utmost comfort, versatility, and style of this clothing article makes it perfect for sports, gym, and lounging. 

At Druids, we manufacture premium quality hoodies equipped with the latest technologies. Our stylish pieces can be worn solo or paired with our high performance polos or sports t-shirt for a sporty vibe. 

In the cold season, you can layer the hoodie with our best-selling sports jackets, designed for functionality and comfort. 

We also stock the most trendy joggers, golf trousers, track tops, golf rain gear, caps, and golf shoes in the UK and several countries of Europe.


Features That Make Druids Mens Hoodies & Crew Neck Sweatshirts Stand Out

Designed To Offer Maximum Comfort

Our men's hoodies and sweatshirts are the most laid back yet stylish sports outerwear to ever exist. To give them the signature cosy feel- we use the highest quality polyester and fleece.

These fabrics are lightweight and feel super soft against the skin. The seams of the hoodies are also shifted forward to prevent any irritation or friction. 

So when wearing our hoodie, you get the feeling of being enveloped in a fluffy blanket. 


Offer The Perfect Amount Of Warmth

The main purpose of hoodies and sweatshirts is to provide warmth. 

To ensure that our men's sweatshirts and hoodies keep you cosy throughout the day, we use fleece material to manufacture them. 

The fleece has micro air pockets that trap the body's warmth and insulates by preventing the cold outside air from passing through the hoodie. 

In short, our men’s hoodies allow you to enjoy your game without worrying about the cold getting to you.


Equipped With Moisture Wicking Technology

Intensive training and exercise can cause sweat to build up rapidly. Sweaty clothes look untidy, irritate the skin, and may impact the athlete's performance negatively. 

Our men's sweatshirts and hoodies make use of fabrics with impressive breathability ratings and moisture wicking ability. 

The unique built in capillary system of these fabrics pulls the moisture away from the user's body and presents it to the outer surface for rapid evaporation. 

So even after hours of gym or running around, your hoodie looks fresh.  

Inhibit Build Up Of Odour

Even the best deodorants and perfumes can't stave off body odour after strenuous activity. To tackle this problem, we have equipped our men's hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts with antimicrobial technology.


This smart technology works by trapping and killing the bacteria before it gets a chance to produce an unpleasant odour. 

So no matter how humid the weather, our hoodies' anti-odour technology filters out the bacteria and keeps you smelling fresh after long hours of gameplay. 


Four Way Stretch Enhances Mobility

We have been in the sportswear business for over a decade and understand that mobility is an essential part of sportswear. 

Our cosy men's hoodies and sweatshirts are manufactured with the latest technologies and tailored to make them super stretchable. 

Being a perfect blend of comfort and functionality- these hoodies and sweatshirts are ideal for cool days. 


Effortlessly Stylish 

At Druids, style matters as much as functionality. We have designed all our men's hoodies and sweatshirts following the latest trends. 

Whether you have kangaroo pocket hoodies, full zip hoodies or half zip hoodies, at Druids- you will find them all. 

The best features of our hoodies are the contemporary two toned fabrics, contrasting zippers, elasticized cuffs, and Druids' iconic labels. 

Available In Every Trendy Shade

Colourful hoodies and sweatshirts look very trendy on and off the field. This is why we manufacture men’s hoodies in various colours.

At Druids, you will find hoodies and sweatshirts in essential colours like grey, black, navy, blue, khaki, white, and dark colours like red and orange. 

So when feeling bold, wear our trendy hoodies and sweatshirts to slay the day. 


Tailored For Men Of All Sizes

Loosely fitting hoodies and sweatshirts look amazing on men of all sizes. To ensure that all men get their ideal size, we manufacture hoodies in a wide range of sizes. 

All our articles are available in sizes small, medium, large, xl, XXL, and 3xl. The xs size will also be available soon. 

So, no matter how bulky or skinny you are, at Druids, you will find the suitable hoodie size, always. 


Ideal Pick For Sporting & Lounging

Nothing feels better than owning a piece of clothing you can wear to the golfing range, gym, and night out with friends. Our men’s hoodies and sweatshirts offer this versatility.

The entire collection uses a warm, lightweight, and stretchable fabric that allows proper movement for sport. 

The articles' stylish look also makes them ideal for casual occasions where you wish to relax without compromising on your look.


Unbeatable Low Prices 

When buying hoodies, beware of the price tag. Always remember that a hefty price doesn’t always vouch for the product’s quality. 

At Druids, we believe in a fair pricing policy. Our brand was founded with the aim to make high quality sportswear affordable. 

Our hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts for men utilize premium quality fabric, offer smart performance solutions and come at budget friendly prices. 

So whether you need a new hoodie for a casual occasion or as a layer for sports outside- our latest collection is perfect for you. 


Easy To Wash

We understand how frustrating it feels to wash your sportswear every other day. What's more frustrating is the long care instructions that come with winter essentials. 

To fix this problem, we design hoodies and sweatshirts that you can wash in a washing machine.

The durable fabric and high quality labels do not wear out, and the hood looks as good as new even after several washes. 

Are you searching for something other than comfy hoodies and sweatshirts? We've got you.

Checkout Druids' latest sportswear and golfwear range that offers style and functionality. 

Besides the men collection, we also have a women's golf wear collection designed with meticulous attention to detail. So visit the website and pick our best selling golf polos, waterproof golf jackets, golf midlayers, or whatever your heart desires.

The hoodie is a type of sweatshirt with a hood attached to it. Currently, there are two different types of hoodies available in the market.

  • Hoodies with a full zipper- these hoodies have a zipper running from your neck all the down. This type mostly has two pockets, one on each side of the zipper.
  • Pullover hoodies- these hoodies have one single kangaroo pocket instead of two and don’t have any zippers.

The purpose of the hood is to protect the head from cold wind and other natural factors. 

Both types of hoodies have drawstrings to adjust the opening of the hood.

  • For an athleisure look on a cold day, pair your favourite hoodie with black-fitted coloured joggers and black sneakers or vans.

    For a night out in the winter, wear a full zip hoodie on a neutral coloured polo or tee, and top the hoodie with a stylish bomber jacket or coat. For bottoms- opt for black coloured skinny jeans and finish the look with your favourite boots.

Hoodies are very versatile and can be worn with all types of pants including jeans, chinos, and khakis.

To achieve the casual everyday look, wear a plain white crew neck t-shirt, dark washed jeans, and some athletic shoes with your hoodie.

If you are going for a dark, mysterious look, wear a black hoodie with a plain black t-shirt, slim-fit black jeans, and a pair of black leather sneakers. 

For a casual look- wear your black hoodie with khaki chinos and grey sports shoes.

  • Put your hoodie upside down on a flat surface- meaning the zips and pockets of your hoodie should be facing the flat surface.
  • Cross the sleeves of your hoodie across the back. At the end of this step- your hoodie should look like a rectangle.
  • Fold the hoodie in half horizontally- grab the lower ends and align them with the shoulders.
  • Then fold the hoodie vertically so that it looks like a square.
  • Lastly, take the hood of your hoodie and wrap it around your folded square hoodie.

Most men's hoodies weigh somewhere between 16 and 25 ounces. .

No, a sweatshirt is less formal than a jumper. While sweatshirts can be worn solo, jumpers are mostly worn as a second or third layer with a shirt and blazer.

Hoodies are a type of sweatshirt, but the two are not the same. Hoodies have a zipper, a hood and pockets attached to them. 

Sweatshirts, on the other hand, are collarless, lightweight pullovers with long sleeves that don’t have any hood or zipper. 

Men’s sweatshirts and hoodies both serve the same purpose though- to keep their users warm and comfortable on cool evenings.