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Winter season calls for extra layers on the golf course. To give your hundred percent on cold days, you definitely need to top your usual attire with a golf midlayer or jumper.
The best golf jumper is the one that keeps your body warm without hindering your movements.

Druids Offer Golf Midlayers That Are Stylish Outside and Smart Inside

At Druids, you will find a wide variety of stylish, high-quality golf midlayer that come with the best features.

Enhanced Stretchability

Druids use ultra-modern technology to create the fabric for its golf midlayers and jumpers. The brand’s articles cling to the body like a second skin and are super stretchable, meaning you can swing the club without the clothes obstructing your movement.

Moisture Wicking

The fabric used at Druids has a moisture-wicking property that doesn't let sweat or excessive moisture sit on your skin for too long. This allows you to enjoy your course play without feeling itchy and cold from the moisture.

Micro Air Pockets

The fabric used by Druids also has micro air pockets that trap warm air and regulate your body temperature, even on icy cold days.

Anti-Microbial Technology

After a long day at the golf course, you are bound to smell like a skunk but Druids have a solution for that as well. The brand has incorporated anti-microbial technology in its golf clothing. This technology prevents odor-producing bacteria from growing on your body and keeps you smelling fresh for hours.

Perfect for Every Season

Druids golf midlayers and golf jumpers are so comfortable and stylish that you’d be tempted to wear them throughout the year.
Well, guess what? You can wear them in summer as well. All you need to do is ditch your base layer and wear your midlayer on the skin. In summer, it eliminates excess moisture and regulates the body temperature. That’s all we wish for on the golf course in summer anyway.

Always on Top of The Style Chart

Druids understand that comfort alone is not enough to please golfers today. In this world, everything, including your golf attire, needs to be picture-perfect.
So to make the clothes instagramable, Druids’ team of fashion designers works day and night on minute details.
The brand’s hot selling articles are super trendy and come with a quarter zip- a feature that not only makes them easy to put on but also gives a modern touch.
Hence, it is safe to say that Druids’ golf clothes are far from boring. Be it designs, or special features and specifications- that brand offers it all without compromising on quality.

Range of Vibrant Colors

With Druids, you will never experience a dull moment. The brand understands that not every golf player likes to wear basic colors. This is the reason why Druids offer golf jumpers and mid layers in numerous colors.
So take a deep breath and browse through the wide range of color options on the brand’s website. Be it red, yellow, green or orange- you will find your favorite color in the article of your choice.

Sizes That Fit Every Body Type

Druids believe in body positivity and understand that people come in every shape and size. This is the reason why the brand offers sizes up to 3 XL. So no matter how big or small you are, you will be able to find a perfectly fitting article on Druids website.

Affordable Golf Jumper

Still not convinced that Druids offer the best range of golf clothing? Well, maybe the brand’s fair pricing policy is what you need to know about.
Druids has always believed in providing high quality golf clothing at lowest possible price. All of the brand's golf mid layers and jumpers have the best features at the least cost.

Believe it or not, Druids is the one-stop shop for all your golfing needs.
Browse through Druids’ super stylish and affordable range of golf polo shirts, golf sweaters, and golf jackets.
If you are looking for golf equipment, Druids got you covered for that as well. Check out the best-selling golf clubs that ensure high performance and extremely durable golf bags.
As the name indicates golf mid-layer is a piece of clothing you wear between the base layer and outer protective layer.
The purpose of the golf mid-layer is to eliminate the two main challenges faced by golfers in winter- the cold wind and sweat that seeps through their skin and makes them feel even colder.
An efficient golf mid-layer wicks that moisture (sweat) away from the golfer’s body, traps warm air in its micro pockets, and keeps the golfer going in tough conditions.
Some golf mid-layers also come with anti-microbial technology. The fabric used to make these articles inhibit the growth of odor-producing bacteria. Hence the shirt smells fresh for hours.
Gold midlayer is a must-have for the winter season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in the summer.
Since the mid layer’s main aim is to regulate body temperature, it can easily be worn throughout the year. All you need to do is layer it according to the weather.
In winter, for instance, you pair the mid layer with a base and outer layer. In summer, you can ditch the base layer and wear the mid layer alone. This way, your mid-layer will carry out its moisture wicking function and keep you sweat-free on a humid day.