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Druids Men’s Sweatshirts Are Designed To Bridge The Gap Between Sports & Leisure

Sweatshirts are one of the very few clothing articles that make terrific sportswear and casual wear. This wardrobe staple provides warmth, comfort and effortlessly enhances the overall look. 

At Druids, we manufacture sweatshirts that bridge the gap between sports and leisure. Their stretchability and moisture wicking ability make them perfect for strenuous activities, while their style and comfort make them ideal for everyday wear. 

Our sweatshirts can be worn solo or paired with our premium quality sports jackets and joggers for a sporty look. 

We stock a wide range of golf and sports items, including-  golf jackets, golf trousers, golf shoes, golf shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and socks that can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Features That Make Druids Men's Hoodies & Crew Neck Sweatshirts Stand Out

Soft & Comfortable 

We believe that an ideal sweatshirt feels like a warm, fuzzy blanket when put on. To ensure our customers experience that feeling, we design our men's hoodies and sweatshirts with comfort in mind.

The secret to our cosy hoodies and sweatshirts is the use of premium quality cotton and fleece. These fabrics, when utilised together, produce the most lightweight and soft sweatshirts for superior comfort. 


Warm & Insulating

Hoodies and sweatshirts are meant to keep their users warm. To ensure our collection offers the right amount of protection against the cold, we line all our sweatshirts with fleece.

Fleece is the finest insulating and warming fabric in the world. It has a raised pile surface that traps the body heat and prevents cold air from passing through. 

The fleece material is also hydrophobic in nature. So when it rains, our men’s hoodies and sweatshirts keep you cosy and offer a certain level of protection against water droplets.


Breathable & Moisture Wicking

The warmth offered by hoodies and sweatshirts is useless if they feel stuffy upon layering. At Druids, we are big on producing apparel that feels good when worn alone or with another article. 

Our crew neck sweatshirt collection is manufactured with fleece- a fabric with exceptional moisture wicking ability. Fleece draws the sweat away from your body and presents it to the outer surface for quick drying. 

The cotton fabric used alongside fleece makes the hoodies and sweatshirts highly breathable. 


Timeless Classic Designs

We believe classic crewneck sweatshirts look much better than those with graphic prints. Our plain, classic sweatshirts and hoodies make the perfect everyday streets wear and gym wear. 

They are highly versatile and look amazing when layered or worn solo. To boost style and performance, pair our stylish hoodies and sweatshirts with our best selling sports jackets and joggers. 


Variety Of Colours 

Everyone has a different style and colour preference. At Druids, we manufacture hoodies and sweatshirts in a wide range of colours to meet every customer's needs.

Most of our collection is available in black, white, grey, navy, and khaki. These colours are must haves for all men and make the perfect base for stylish outfits.


Availability Of Plus Sizes

We understand how hard it is for plus sized men to choose hoodies and sweatshirts. Some articles do not have the big sizes available, and others aren't cute enough.

To ensure that every man gets to buy hoodies and sweatshirts in his favourite style and colour, we stock the entire collection in a wide range of sizes. 

At Druids, you will find sweatshirts and hoodies in sizes small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL and 4XL.



The durability of winter wear matters as much as its functionality and style. We choose only the strongest, most reliable materials to manufacture men's hoodies and sweatshirts. 

No matter how many times you wear or wash our men’s 

hoodies and sweatshirts, they will not lose their warmth or wear out. 

Besides sweatshirts and hoodies, we also manufacture the most durable collections of polo shirts, t-shirts, and waterproof jackets that you must have in your wardrobe. 


Easy To Wash 

There's no better feeling than owning clothes that do not need special care. All our men's hoodies and sweatshirts are made with machine-washable fabrics. 

Just give our sweatshirts men's hoodies one spin in the washing machine, and they will come out of the machine as good as new every time.


Wallet-friendly Prices 

We are a brand that believes in producing high quality apparel at affordable prices.

Our men's hoodies and sweatshirts use premium quality cotton and fleece. The technologies utilised in our latest collection are also top notch. 

Despite being the best in the industry, we do not sell the apparel at high prices. Our goal is to keep the prices of our products reasonably low and to achieve that- we follow a direct to consumer sales approach and avoid sponsorships with big names. 

So when you shop for sweatshirts men's hoodies at Druids, you get the best articles at the best prices. 

Looking for something other than men's hoodies and sweatshirts? Visit our website to discover the most affordable & stylish sports and golf wear.

At Druids, we stock a wide range of men, women, and kid's golf wear, including base layers, midlayers, performance polos, waterproof golf jackets, and golf shoes. 

Our sportswear range is one of a kind and offers hundreds of new baselayers, shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, and sports jacket styles for men. 

Sweatshirts are a type of pullover long-sleeved shirt. They are constructed with thick cotton and polyester fabrics which insulate and offer warmth. 

Sweatshirts were originally sportswear, but now they have become a wardrobe staple for all men.

  • Place the sweatshirt on a plain, flat surface. 
  • Grab the bottom and sleeve of the shirt from one side and fold it in half.
  • Make sure the sleeves sit on top of each other perfectly.
  • Grab both sleeves and fold them into the body of your sweatshirt.
  • Now grab the bottom of the sweatshirt and bring it up to fold the article in half.

You can style sweatshirts in various ways. 

For a smart look:

Wear a neutral coloured button up shirt and layer it with a dark coloured sweatshirt- don't forget to pop out the collar of your shirt. For bottoms, opt for khaki pants. 

For a stylish, casual look:

Wear an oversized sweatshirt with graphic prints and matching joggers. The footwear for this laid back look can be slip ons or sandals because they look perfect with loose sweatshirts.

For lounging around on a weekend- wear your sweatshirt with some loosely fitting joggers. 

If you own a sweatshirt with graphic prints, you can pair it with slim-fitting jeans and matching shoes to pull off an effortlessly stylish look.

For a streets style look:

Pair a light coloured polo with a black leather jacket, skinny jeans, and black sneakers.

For a relaxed weekend look:

Wear an oversized black or white coloured sweatshirt with slim fit blue jeans. You may also opt for sweatshirts with graphic prints because they look super cute.

To keep the sweatshirts and hoodies soft, wash them with cold or lukewarm water, use mild detergent, and air dry them. 

Be a little more cautious when washing sweatshirts and hoodies with graphic prints because excessive rubbing or hard detergents can wear out the prints.

No, a sweatshirt is less formal than a jumper. While sweatshirts can be worn solo, jumpers are mostly worn as a second or third layer with a shirt and blazer.

Yes, you can wear a sweatshirt over a dress shirt. Just make sure you tuck the dress shirt into your pants for a neat and presentable look.

Hoodies are a type of sweatshirt, but the two are not exactly the same.  

There are two types of hoodies. One type comes with a full or half zip running down the middle. It also has pockets on each side of the zip. The other type does not have a zip and Instead of two pockets, it has one big kangaroo pocket.

Sweatshirts, on the other hand, don't have any pockets or zip. They are long sleeved, pullover garments made with thick cotton or polyester fabric. 

Another difference between hoodies and sweatshirts is that the former has a hood with drawstrings and latter does not.

For a casual look:

Pair a crew neck sweatshirt with black or blue denim jeans and matching sneakers. 

For a stylish look:

Pair a white or pink coloured crewneck with a black leather jacket, jeans, and boots.