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Emerge Victorious With Druids Highly Functional Golf Shoes

To ace the game of golf, you need a pair of sturdy golf shoes that would cushion your feet, keep them dry, and elevate your appearance. 

At Druids, we put a lot of thought and research into designing golf shoes that offer the best features and affordable rates. 

Our brand also offers a wide variety of golf polos and golf trousers that you can pair with these golf shoes for maximum comfort and functionality.

Features That Make Druids Golf Shoes Stand Out


The unpredictable weather in the UK demands waterproof golf shoes and that’s exactly what we provide. All of our men’s golf shoes are made with hydrophobic materials that are impermeable to rain and other exterior moisture. The sealed seams further add to their protective nature.

Moisture Wicking

We understand that protecting the feet from rainwater alone is not enough. The sweat that builds up on the feet can negatively impact your game too. 

To tackle this problem, we make the inner lining of our golf shoes with moisture-wicking fabric. This ensures quick drying and keeps you cool in hot weather.


Unlike other waterproof golf shoes, our men’s collection offers breathability- meaning they are designed in a way that lets air flow into and out of the shoes.

A feature that keeps the golfers’ feet dry and comfortable even on a round of 18 holes. 

Anti Microbial

The inner lining of our golf shoes is equipped with antimicrobial technology that acts like armour against odour-producing bacteria. It resists their growth and traps them, and kills them when needed.

Thus, the footwear remains odour free even after hours of walking on the golf course.


Walking on an uneven golf course and swinging the club on a slope can be hard and lead to injuries if your shoes aren’t flexible. This is why we design all of our shoes with elasticity in mind. 

Ortholite Memory Foam Insoles

All our golf shoes make use of OrthoLite memory foam insoles- a lightweight technology that ensures comfort and performance by molding to the shape of the foot, cushioning it, and arching the heel for the perfect swing. 

Shock Absorbing Midsole

Walking for long periods and hitting powerful shots on the golf course can cause foot pain and injuries. Our men’s golf shoes are designed with shock absorbing midsoles that provide support to the feet, aid proper movements, and allow you to cover long distances comfortably.

Spikeless Outsole

We have always believed in producing fashion forward golf products and our spikeless golf shoes are proof of that. They don’t only stand out on the golf course but also provide much needed traction.

Be it rain or sunshine, our spikeless golf shoes will be your companion on and off the course.

Padded Collar and Tongue 

We believe that the upper part of your feet deserves as much comfort and protection as the lower part. The padded tongue may feel like a nuisance at times but it covers your skin and prevents it from rubbing against the laces. 

Similarly, the padded collar cushions and ensures that the sides of your feet stay bristle free.


Looking good on the golf course is just as important as performing well. That is why we offer golf shoes that are highly functional and stylish.

Currently, we have five different shoe styles in our men’s range. Every style comes in a variety of colours including red, orange, yellow, and black.

You can pair these golf shoes with our best selling golf polos and golf trousers to elevate your appearance and gameplay.

One Year Warranty 

Unlike many other brands, we offer a one year waterproof warranty on our entire men’s golf shoes collection- meaning if your shoes stop protecting you from rain and exterior moisture, you can reach out for a refund or exchange. 

Budget Friendly 

Since inception, we have had one rule- to produce high quality and affordable golf products. Our men’s golf shoe collection is no exception to this rule. 

We offer all the premium features along with one year warranty at unbelievably low prices. The shoes also go on sale meaning you can hit a jackpot every once in a while. 

Not sure what to wear with your new pair of golf shoes? Look no further. We offer a wide range of high performance golf polos, golf midlayer, and trousers that you can match with your shoes.

Golf shoes are designed for golfers to improve their performance and reduce the chances of injury on the golf course.

These shoes are lightweight, breathable, shock absorbing, and waterproof.


The most obvious difference between spiked and spikeless shoes is their outsole. The spiked shoes have an outsole equipped with plastic cleats while the spikeless shoes have a flat sole with some rubber studs that provide traction.

Comfort Level

The spikeless shoes are lightweight and have a soft base that offers more comfort. On the contrary, spiked shoes have a stiff base and weigh more- features that make them less comfortable.


Spikeless shoes look a lot like regular sneakers and can be worn off the golf course. The spiked shoes, on the other hand, are made especially for golf and can not be worn on a night out.

The major difference between sneakers and golf shoes is the traction they offer. Golf shoes have a wider sole that is fitted with cleats or rubber studs for greater stability and traction. Sneakers on the other hand have a narrower sole and don’t have any cleats. 

The golf shoes are lightweight, and have moisture wicking inner lining and mesh design for breathability. Sneakers are heavier and do have the ability to wick moisture.

Since most golf shoes are waterproof, they offer better protection from rainwater or other sources of external moisture. Sneakers, on the other hand, get wet quickly and do not protect from rain.

Yes. Golf shoes are designed specifically for golfers who wish to elevate their gameplay.

They offer the stability, sturdiness, traction, and comfort needed to walk on uneven golf course and swing the club properly.

Besides this, golf shoes are equipped with features that allow golfers to play in every weather. In the wet, rainy season, the waterproof feature of these shoes keeps the feet protected. 

The humid and hot days, on the other hand, become tolerable with their moisture wicking property that keeps the feet dry and cool.

No- not all golf shoes are waterproof. Most often, non-waterproof golf shoes are cheaper and offer greater breathability. This may sound tempting but if you live in the UK or any other country where it rains unpredicted, we recommend you invest in a pair of high quality waterproof golf shoes.

Finding the perfectly fitting golf shoes can be hard but these tips will definitely help you pick the size. 

  1. Always try them on before buying.
  2. Wiggle your toes- if the golf shoes do not allow this movement they are too tight for you.
  3. Tie shoelaces and look for ripples on the forefront- any bunching up means the shoes are too big and not suitable for golfing.
  4. Walk for a while- make sure the shoe keeps your forefoot and heel in place. A shoe that slips can negatively impact your swing and cause blisters.
  5. Lastly, swing in your new shoes- they must not feel too loose or tight.

Most golf clubs have a strict dress code that includes wearing socks with golf shoes. In case you are not playing at some club, wearing socks is a matter of personal preference.

We, however, recommend you always wear socks

as they look aesthetically pleasing and have several benefits.

Some of those benefits are protection from the weather, extra support to your heel, and odour free shoes.

A good pair of golf shoes may last anywhere between two to four years, depending on how you treat them. 

If you own a pair of waterproof, spikeless golf shoes that you wear twice a week to the course- they may last you a minimum of two years. But if you wear your golf shoes four days a week, chances are that their soles will wear out in one year.

Yes, spikeless golf shoes are very versatile and can be worn to run everyday errands. The excessive usage, however, can cause the sole to wear out- meaning the shoes won’t offer traction on the course.

So if you want your golf shoes to last long, wear them on the golf course only.