Here’s Why Druids is the Perfect Place for All Your Golf Clothing Needs

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Here’s Why Druids is the Perfect Place for All Your Golf Clothing Needs

Druids is one of the best golf wear brands in the UK. Its apparel is high quality, affordable & functional. Discover why it is perfect for all your golf clothing needs.

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Here's why Druids is the Perfect Place for your Golf Clothing Needs


Have you ever wished for a place that would meet all your golf apparel needs without breaking the bank? Druids is exactly that and more. 


The brand calls itself a global manufacturer and distributor of branded and licensed golf products. Founded by Lewis Jones in 2014, Druids aimed to produce the finest quality products at the best prices.


With its innovative designs, dedication to being the best, and superior customer care, Druids has become one of the most loved golf clothing brands in the United Kingdom and Europe.


The brand's popularity has crossed oceans and reached other countries like the United States and Canada.


Druids has become the number one golf apparel company for thousands of amateur and mature golfers. Want to know why? Keep reading because we are about to reveal why Druids is the perfect place for all your golf clothing needs. 


Druids Is Founded By a Golfer For Golfers

Druids Is Founded By a Golfer For Golfers

Druids founder and CEO Lewis Jones is from Scotland- a country with over two hundred thousand registered golfers and commonly known as the Home Of Golf


Lewis is one of those golf enthusiasts who has been playing golf since childhood. He was a young boy when his father introduced him to this sport, and Lewis fell in love with it immediately.


With the passing years, Lewis became interested in golf products and started his own brand. He aimed to manufacture highly functional, stylish, and affordable golf apparel. 


Since Lewis Jone is a golf lover, he knows exactly what golfers look for in golf clothes. 


Be it a mid layer, performance polo, or golf trousers, Druids' apparel is designed to meet golfers' requirements so they can give their best on the golf course. 


Druids Has All Types Of Golf Clothes Under One Roof

Druids Has All Types Of Golf Clothes Under One Roof

Druids makes shopping for golf clothes easy by providing everything under the same roof. The brand manufactures golf apparel and shoes for men, women, and children- meaning it is a one-stop shop for your entire family's golfing needs. 


Druids sell base layers, mid layers, golf polo, gilets, hoodies, jackets, rain gear, golf trousersgolf joggers, golf caps, shorts, golf gloves, belts, socks, and waterproof golf shoes.


Team Druids aims to promote the game of golf by making shopping for the golf kit easier. They also experiment and continuously come up with innovative features and designs for men, women, and children. 


You can also shop for other sportswear, and casual wear from Druids, as the brand has recently launched its first-ever sportswear collection. 

Druids Sells Only Premium Quality Golf Wear

Another reason why Druids is the best place to shop for golf clothes is the quality it offers. Since its inception, the brand has focused on producing the best products, and the quality standards have only improved over the years. 


According to the brand’s creative director, Tim Ferris, at Druids, the entire process- from choosing the fabric to designing and tailoring the golf wear is carried out with meticulous care and attention. 


Once the clothes are ready, each article is scrutinized for defects, and only those that pass the screening test make it to the storage warehouse. 


The brand's passion for making the best products has made it a number one choice for golfers across the globe. 


Druids Golf Wear Ensures Functionality

Druids Golf Wear Ensures Functionality

Druids understand that golf wear that doesn’t offer functionality is worthless. The brand designs all of its clothes with functionality and playability in mind. 


Some of the basic features offered by Druids' golf wear include:

Warmth, comfort, breathability, stretchability, ability to wick moisture and dry quickly.


Besides these, some of the Druids' golf wear offers more advanced features. The golf jackets, for example, are wind and showerproof to allow golfers to carry on with their game in unappealing weather conditions. 


The brand's rain gear is made with 100% waterproof gore-tex fabric that offers complete protection from rain and wind.


Druids Golf Apparel Is Super Trendy

Druids Golf Apparel Is Super Trendy

Druids claim that it never goes out of style. 

While many golf wear manufacturers are repeatedly producing the same boring designs, Druids is actually doing something to bring a change. 


The brand has a team of highly experienced designers who create eye-catching designs and patterns that not only stand out on the golf course but also look incredible in photographs. 


Besides unique designs, Druids is also an advocate of bold colours on the field. Apart from basic shades, you will find Druids golf wear in colours like maroon, orange, red, lime, bottle green, royal blue and so on. 


So if you are a fashion-forward golfer, Druids is a perfect place for all your golf clothing needs. 


Druids Offers A Wide Range Of Sizes

Druids Offers A Wide Range Of Sizes

Druids believe that golf is a perfect sport for individuals of all shapes and sizes. The brand supports the body inclusivity movement and plays its part by producing golf clothes in a wide range of sizes. 


Most of the brand's clothing articles come in sizes small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL, while some with slim fitting are available in sizes up to 4XL. 


So whether you are a lean person looking for the perfect size or a plus-sized individual searching for stylish and nicely fitting golf wear, Druids is the place for you. 

Druids Believe In Fair Pricing Policy

Druids Believe In Fair Pricing Policy

Golf has always been a sport for the rich. To keep it that way golf apparel and accessories are sold at unjustifiably high prices. Most brands are just in the business for profit and do not care much about promoting golf by producing high-quality, affordable products. 


Druids, however, is the complete opposite. The brand's founder, Lewis Jones, laid its foundation on two principles- to produce premium quality golf wear and sell it at a fair price. 


Team Druids loves golf and believes that it can be promoted by providing young talent with golf wear that doesn't break their banks.


The brand always emphasizes that expensive doesn’t always mean high quality and encourages people to buy from affordable labels like itself. 


Druids Offer Incredible Deals And Sales

Druids Offer Incredible Deals And Sales

Buying golf wear from Druids comes with perks. The brand always has incredible promotional deals going on and also launches site-wide sales once in a while. 


On Black Friday- Druids launched its biggest sale, where golf clothes were available for as low as £10. As far as deals are concerned, the brand has an Ambassador Pack deal going on at the moment. 


The golf Ambassador Pack includes one jacket, trousers, midlayer, polo, cap and four tees of your choice at an incredulously low price. 


The best part, however, is that at Druids, you always get premium quality, defect-free clothes- even during the sale season. 


Druids Provide Superior Customer Care

Druids Provide Superior Customer Care

One area where brands fail is customer care but not Druids. The brand truly cares about its customers, and its superior customer service is proof of that.


Druids offers a live chat feature on its website that allows customers to talk with an agent who resolves their problems and answer queries.


Besides this, the brand offers detailed articles on general topics like delivery, returns, refunds, exchanges etc. 


Team Druids is also very active on social media. A representative gets in touch with customers within twenty-four hours of a direct message or comment. 


All this makes shopping at Druids a smooth and pleasant experience.  


Druids Is Rated Excellent On Trustpilot

Last but not least, the review. Druids has over seven thousand reviews on Trustpilot. Most of these reviewers have said pleasant things about it. With 4.3 out of 5 stars, the brand has been rated excellent by Trustpilot. 


These reviews and ratings prove that Druids is doing a great job at making high-quality golf clothes that anyone on a tight budget can easily afford. 

Last Word: 

There you have it, all the reasons why Druids is the perfect place for all your golf clothing needs. So whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, make sure you check out the brand’s website because they stock everything you need at incredible prices. 


A little warning- you may end up buying a lot more things than you need, so be prepared. Shop Now