The Ultimate Golf Polos Buying Guide For Beginners

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The Ultimate Golf Polos Buying Guide For Beginners

An ideal golf polo improves your gameplay and helps you stand out from the crowd. Here’s a beginner’s golf polo buying guide that will help you make the best picks every time. 

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The ultimate Golf Polo Guide for Beginners


Anyone who plays golf knows that a golf polo is an essential piece of clothing that can be worn throughout the year.

In summer, the breathable and lightweight material of the golf polo keeps golfers cool, and in winter, it is layered with a jacket to keep the golfers warm and sweat-free. 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that a pleasant golfing experience is only possible with the right polo shirt. 

So whether you are a professional golfer looking for a wardrobe upgrade or a newbie looking for an ideal shirt- keep reading because this buying guide will help you pick the perfect golf polo shirt every time.



1. Comfortable

An average round of golf lasts for at least four hours so make sure you opt for a polo shirt that is lightweight, comfortable, and feels soft against the skin. 

2. Breathable and Moisture Wicking

Golf polos are usually worn on hot summer days when sweating is inevitable. A good golf polo is manufactured with breathable and moisture wicking fabrics that prevent the accumulation of sweat and dry up quickly. 

3. Stretchable and Unrestricting

Playing golf in tight clothes is torture. They not only cause discomfort, but also prevent you from swinging the club freely. 

So make sure that the golf polo shirt you are about to buy is made with stretchable fabrics like polyester and elastane as they allow freedom of movement. 

4. Stylish

Functionality alone should not be the deciding factor for golf polo shirts. At Druids, we make premium quality golf polos, in various prints and patterns. 

Whether you are into traditional plain polos or wish to amp your style with unique prints and patterns, you will be able to find a remarkable piece of your choice at Druids. 

Some of our best-selling golf polo shirts include Printed Polo ShirtsMetallic Streak Polo, Marble Polo, and High Performance Polo.

5. Low Maintenance 

No one has time to go through the long care instructions after spending hours on the golf course- this is why it is best to opt for shirts that are low maintenance and require only machine washing. Fabrics that resist wrinkling are also a plus.

6. Affordable

Many brands take advantage of their name and sell golf polos at high prices. Do not stress over labels and big brands. 

There are millions and trillions of golf polos out there. Keep in mind that being expensive doesn’t always mean better. At Druids we have sworn to not make unjustified profits off of golf apparel. Our golf polo shirts offer all the premium features at affordable prices. 



1. Cotton

Cotton is a natural fabric and has been used to make golf polos for ages. Shirts made out of cotton are lightweight, durable, and breathable but aren’t very good at wicking moisture (sweat).

Instead of wicking, cotton absorbs sweat and takes long hours to dry. Due to this reason many professional players have stopped wearing cotton golf polos to the games.

2. Polyester and Spandex

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is lightweight, durable, breathable, wrinkle resistant, and most importantly- very good at wicking moisture. 

This fabric has a capillary built system that draws sweat and moisture away from the skin and towards the other surface- a phenomenon that leads to quick drying. 

Spandex, on the other hand, is a very elastic and durable synthetic fabric.

 So, polo shirts made with polyester and spandex blend offer all the features a golfer looks for in a highly functional golf polo shirt. 

3. Nylon and Spandex 

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is known for its lustrous appearance, elasticity, durability, and ability to dry up quickly. 

When this fabric is blended with spandex- a perfect blend of functionality and style is achieved.

 In simpler words, golf polo shirts made with nylon and spandex are lightweight, stretchable, moisture wicking, quick-drying, and super stylish. 

Best one out of all:

Since cotton takes longer periods to dry, it is safe to say that this fabric is not appropriate for golf polos. 

The blends of synthetics, on the other hand, make excellent golf polos and no mixture is better than the other.

So in the end, it comes down to which blend you prefer more. 




  • Not too loose or tight
  • The rule of thumb is that an ideal golf polo should neither be too tight nor too loose. In other words, it should gently hug the curves of your body without restricting the swing or movement. 

    This may sound simple, but the truth is many golfers end up buying the wrong size. 

    An easy way to test the fit is by sticking two fingers into the sleeve. If your fingers easily slide between the skin and sleeve- it is the perfect fit for you. 

  • Shoulder seam and length of sleeves 
  • Just like any regular polo shirt, the shoulder seams of your golf polo must sit on the shoulder bones. 

    The length of the golf polo shirt sleeves should come halfway down to your bicep or two inches above your elbow. Anything that reaches your elbow or below looks bad, and may impact your swing negatively. 

  • Length of shirt
  • Most professional golfers prefer wearing golf polos that end right below the waistband or golf belt line.

    Keep in mind that the length of a golf polo shirt is always a little longer than a regular polo. The reason behind this is pretty simple- golf clubs require their members to tuck the shirt into their pants as it enhances the on-course appearance.


    Why Should you go for druids golf polo shirt

    Druids is a Scottish company that has focused on producing premium quality golf products. The brand calls itself the future of sportswear, and its innovative and affordable golf polo collection is proof of that. 

    Druids offers a wide variety of golf polos made with the most technical fabric blends- polyester with spandex and nylon and spandex. 

    The brand’s polos offer all the features a golfer needs to hit good shots. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and don’t hinder movements. Not only this, to ensure that every golfer gets his perfect fit, Druids offers sizes ranging from small to 3XL. 

    The design and colours offered by the brand are also worth mentioning. It offers traditional polos as well as polos with stunning prints and patterns. 

    Lastly, the brand ensures that you get all the best features at affordable prices. Since Druids manufacture each and every article itself, the brand managed to keep the costs low and quality high. 

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