Why Professional Golfers Swear By Druids Golf Apparel?

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Why Professional Golfers Swear By Druids Golf Apparel?

Trusted by professional golfers worldwide, Druids offers high quality and edge cutting apparel at affordable prices.

A golfer wearing a bright red Druids jacket, holding a golf club, standing on the course with a foggy background, showcasing the apparel's design and functionality.

Golf clothes play a significant role in making or breaking a golfer’s performance. Anything that causes discomfort or hinders movement negatively impacts the game, leading to high scores and bunker shots. To avoid getting into such a situation, professional golfers carefully choose their apparel from some of the most trusted golf wear brands

In the UK, Druids has successfully made it to that list and professional golfers are hooked to our products. With less than a decade in business, it is a great achievement for us and we owe it all to our incredibly dedicated team. If you are wondering what makes Druids so special and why pro golfers swear by our apparel, keep reading.

Made By A Golfer For Golfers 

In the highly competitive golf garments industry, every brand claims to produce the best apparel for golfers. Most of these brands have no solid backing to their claims and it shows in their golf collection. Druids, on the other hand, is founded by a Scottish golf enthusiast who supervises the production of the apparel and makes sures that every article and accessory is crafted to meet the needs of golfers. Due to this very reason, professional players blindly trust and shop from us. 

Top Notch Quality & Stitching 

Detail of the shoulder area of a Druids golf jacket, focusing on the quality of the material and stitching.The quality of golf wear has a direct impact on the golfer’s comfort, performance, and confidence on the greens. We take every possible step to ensure our clothes meet international quality standards.  

Our fibres are sourced through highly reputable suppliers and weaved into fabric using state-of-the-art techniques. During production, our skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail, and carefully examine the fabric to ensure its quality is up to par. The fabric is then masterfully cut and tailored into golf clothes that keep the wearer comfortable and provide complete freedom of movement on the golf course.  

Edge Cutting Technology For Enhanced Performance 

A golfer in various poses wearing different Druids branded golf apparel on the course, showcasing the range of motion and styles available.Professional golfers prefer apparel that helps them perform better during challenging matches. At Druids, we understand their needs and design innovative golf apparel tailored to meet those needs. 

Everything from our golf polo shirts and rain jackets to joggers are equipped with modern technology including;

Moisture Wicking Technology

Close-up of a golfer wearing a red and black Druids jacket with water droplets visible on the surface, emphasizing the moisture-wicking technology.No matter how humid or hot weather is, the moisture wicking technology keeps, golfers dry and comfortable. It works by pulling the sweat and excessive moisture away from the golfer’s skin,presenting it to the outer surface of the fabric for quick evaporation. 

Four way stretch technology:

Golfers require unrestricted body movement to optimise their swing and overall performance on course. At Druids, we make that possible by incorporating four way stretch technology in our golf tops and bottoms. This technology allows golfers to move in all directions freely and comfortably.

Anti-microbial technology:

Extended hours on the golf course result in unpleasant body odour and negatively impacts golfer's confidence. At Druids, we tackle this problem with anti-microbial technology. All our polo shirts, golf hoodies, and jackets have a built in anti-microbial feature that traps and neutralises odour producing bacteria and keeps golfers smelling fresh all day long. 

Quick Cooling Technology:  

In the heat of the game, staying cool and composed is crucial for peak performance. Druids assure maximum comfort with the cutting-edge quick cooling technology. Engineered into our golf shirts and bottoms, this innovative feature wicks away moisture, rapidly dissipates heat, and ensures golfers stay cool even during the most intense rounds.

Unique & Timeless Designs For All Types Of Golfers

Every golfer, be it professional or amateur, has a unique taste in clothes which must reflect in their golf outfits. Our brand acknowledges this individuality and produces golf clothes that cater to everyone’s taste. The creative department works day and night to produce a diverse range of designs

From timeless classics to bold and contemporary, our golf clothes collection has something for everybody. Amongst our most loved collections are the stunning printed golf polo shirts, bold and vibrant golf hoodies, and skillfully tailored golf joggers. 

Easy On The Pocket, Heavy On Value  

Many golf lovers face a dilemma: desiring high-quality gear while wanting to save money. At Druids we understand this struggle and put in the effort to keep our golf apparel affordable.While other golf wear brands focus on making maximum profit, we emphasise on keeping our prices low and quality high. We also offer great deals and discounts, giving everyone a chance to enjoy our products. 

Golfers from every walk of life, including professional golfers, cherish our golf wear and shop without the fear of breaking the bank.  

Timely & Efficient Delivery Service  

The excitement that comes with prompt delivery of ordered golf wear is unmatchable. At Druids, we take pride in crafting and swiftly delivering top-notch golf apparel to our customers. Our commitment to punctual delivery is a reflection of our dedication to enhancing our customer's golfing experience. 

All the orders placed on the website are dispatched within 24 hours and reach the customer on the day.                                                          

Exceptional Client Care 

Every golfer values a brand that pays attention, comprehends, and respects their requirements. At Druids, we work extra hard to make sure of that. Our customer support team takes all possible measures to ensure the customers are happy and satisfied with us. 

Whether it's a query or complaint, our customers can reach out through emails or use the live chat option on the website or email. Our customer service representatives are active 24/7 and respond to all types of issues within just 20 minutes.We're also active on social media, and address all questions or complaints from our customers.

Our ability to satisfy the customers has increased our popularity amongst all golfers including professionals. 

4.2 Star Rating On Trustpilot 

The true measure of a brand's authenticity comes from its customers' honest reviews. When a brand delivers quality and great service, people can't help but share their positive experiences online, encouraging others to give it a try. 

Professional golfers swear by Druids golf apparel thanks to its 4.2 star rating on trustPilot. 

Here are some of the reviews from our beloved customers.

Mr David Eallett: Great golf apparel 

"Highly recommend Druids golf for its apparel. Lovely quality and fit. Funky designs along with traditional golf wear. I’ve now brought several items now from polos to trousers. And every time I’ve not been disappointed. For the price you are getting a good product that in my opinion is better than the bigger brands paying twice as much. Highly recommend it"

Date of experience: 06 October 2023

L Oliver: Outstanding prices 

"Outstanding prices and excellent quality for all items I've bought so far. I was recommended to Druids by another golf buddy and I bought him another shirt as a thank you.. Can't recommend their clothing highly enough"

Date of experience: 05 October 2023

BM: Great product

"Great product, superb postage and kept up to date throughout, will definitely use again!"

Date of experience: 10 October 2023

Last Word:

We can give you hundreds of reasons why you should shop golf wear from Druids, but you won’t believe us until you try our products yourself. So if you are in need of new golf clothes, make sure you check out our website and order a thing or two just to do a quality test.  Just a heads up- you might get hooked to Druids golf clothes just like millions others in the United Kingdom.