Why Do Male Golfers Love Druids Golf Wear?

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Why Do Male Golfers Love Druids Golf Wear?

Druids is a leading brand for men's golf wear in the UK. From premium quality fabric to edge-cutting technology, here are all the reasons why men love Druids apparel.

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Succeeding in the competitive golf wear industry is not child's play. It's where only the most dedicated survive, and only the best thrive. However, when you have a strong vision and a passion to make your dreams a reality, nothing can stop you from excelling, and that is exactly how we made an impact in the golfing world. 

Over the years, the brand has managed to amass a loyal customer base and men all over the UK are smitten with it. But what exactly is the reason behind its success & why do male golfers love its apparel? Keep reading to find out.

Druids Men's Golf Articles Is High Quality 

Man in red 'DRUIDS' hoodie, 'High Quality Articles' text with emojis on yellow.A brand knows it's doing good when it gets honest reviews on Trustpilot saying: “Every item I have ordered has been outstanding quality & definitely fit for purpose. There's nothing I can complain about, service & quality are awesome”

We believe a brand has nothing to offer if it doesn't provide quality. When crafting new articles, we put a lot of thought and effort into choosing the correct fabric and incorporating functional features that enhance performance on the course. Be it a men's golf polo shirt or jacket, every piece in our golf wear collection ensures you feel comfortable and confident enough to hit your best shots.

Every step, from the selection of high-performance fabric blends to the packaging of the final product,  is carried out following pre-set standards to ensure superior quality. We carefully inspect all garments at our factory, and articles with the slightest defect in printing, stitching, or any other aspect are immediately discarded. Only A-grade apparel makes it to the warehouse, where it is scrutinised once more before being packed and delivered to the customers. Our commitment to producing premium quality and functional attire is what men love the most. 

Even our junior collection is loved by the customers. Roshan Patel wrote a review on TrustPilot to show his contentment with our kids' range. 

He wrote: “Incredible quality on the entire Junior range. The clothing is built to last long and has a very high quality look and feel to it. We are over the moon with our purchases - especially the wet weather clothing.”

Druids Clothes Are Crafted With Performance Fabric

The fabric utilised in the production of garments has a significant impact on golfers' performance and comfort on the course. While no player blames their poor performance on their apparel, the truth is- it plays a massive role in shaping one's game. Tiger Woods and other professional don't tug up their sleeves before hitting a shot for no reason. They do it to prevent their clothes from hindering their movements.

Being a brand founded by a golf enthusiast, we understand golfers' needs and curate apparel that aids men hit their best shots.  The use of high-performance fabric makes our clothes lightweight, breathable and stretchable. 

Our polo shirts and trouser are crafted by blending polyester with elastane or spandex to ensure comfort and functionality.

One of our customers wrote the following words for our golfing trousers: “My husband raves about the Trousers, he said they are beyond comfortable, they literally feel like you don't have anything on. There's no stress on the waistband and they move with you. Very happy customer. You're my go to store for all my husbands clothing presents.

Thanks so much. 100% Quality.

The golf hoodies and jackets, on the other hand, are made with fleece-lined polyester that packs in warmth without hindering movement. And here’s a review to prove it- Craig Hildersley says: “My latest purchase was a Navy Blue Hoodie. Fits well, plenty room to move, nice heavy material giving a warm feeling too.”

Druids Apparel Is Equipped With Edge Cutting Technology

Over the last decade, technology has crept its way into the sportswear industry. Today, players demand innovative apparel designed to enhance their performance on the course. We meet this demand by extensively researching new fabric technologies and incorporating the ones we've already mastered. Our collection offers technical solutions to sportsmen’s performance problems they didn't even know they needed.

Four-Way Stretch Technology

Our four-way stretch technology guarantees unrestricted movements and allows unhindered swing. 

Moisture Wicking Technology

Men’s tops and bottoms are equipped with moisture-wicking technology. It works by pulling the excessive moisture away from the body and towards the outer surfer for quick evaporation. 

Anti-Microbial Technology

The antimicrobial technology to helps golfer  feel confident and smell fresh even at the 18th hole. It works by trapping odour-producing bacteria and neutralising them.

Rainproof & Waterproof Finish

 Our rain-proof and waterproof golf jackets and bottoms are ideal for men living in the UK. Our waterproof collection ensures comfort along with protection from rain and comes with a 3-year warranty. 

A customer Phillip Scott tried our waterproof golf gear and here’s what he has to say: “Just bought the wet weather trousers and top it arrived last Saturday played in a comp on the Sunday poured with rain so a very good test and it did its job .And most of all it was very comfortable.”

All these features, along with comfort and style, make our clothes appealing to male golfers across the globe. 

Druids Men's Garments Are Durable And Low Maintenance

Man in emoji shirt looking aside, text 'Durable & Low Maintenance' with emojis around.We understand that clothes need to be as durable as they are functional. Our men's collection is crafted with superior quality material and tailored skilfully to ensure longevity. The polos and bottoms look as good as new even after several washes and do not colour bleed. 

Our commitment to durability can also be proven by a customer's review online. He wrote: “Druids are a great company. Fast, efficient online user interface, quick and reliable delivery and above all every item I’ve ever bought has been of high quality and long lasting. I won’t go anywhere for my golf apparel.

Another factor that draws men towards our clothes is its easy maintenance. Most of our articles are machine washable, and others have easy-to-follow care instructions. 

It Is An Affordable Luxury Brand

Finding high-quality and stylish clothes has never been an issue. There are many brands out there crafting superior quality apparel that ensures comfort and functionality on the course. The only problem is that these brands sell their products at inflated prices. In 2014, our brand changed that forever. 

We strongly believe that the future of golf wear is innovative and affordable clothing for men. We are striving hard to go down in history as the first brand that made it possible with its fair pricing policy and direct-to-consumer sales method. 

From the very beginning, we have been producing apparel that is functional, stylish and most importantly- affordable. We also offer website-wide sales several times a year where everyone can shop for their favourite articles at up to 70% discounts- meaning these sales are the best time to stock your wardrobe with premium quality, highly technical, and stylish garments. 

Here’s some testimonials from our beloved customers that prove we offer the best apparel at lowest prices: 

Stever Pixton from Great Britain wrote: “The golf clothing is very good and is excellent value for money.”

Kevin Robertson also commented on high quality at low prices saying: “What can I say, the clothes get better and better and the price is unbelievable. Soon to become one of the top names in golf clothing. I look forward to my next shopping experience.”

Exceptional Customer Service 

Customer reviews on yellow with emojis, 'Exceptional Customer Service' text.Satisfying the customers is our top priority. Our customer care representatives are always available to answer queries and solve any delivery-related problems through the live chat option on our website. People can also contact us through Facebook or Instagram. We have dedicated team members who  promptly reply on social media handles and try to solve the issue immediately. The exceptional customer service and commitment to making our customers happy is what many people love about us. 

Andrew Mowinny from Great Britain posted a review about our customer service on TrustPilot saying: “Great service and products. I made a mistake on my order but this was quickly changed after I sent a message asking to do so. Quick delivery overall excellent will definitely recommend thank you”

Zoe Valentine also posted her experience on the website. She said: “Excellent customer service as I ordered the wrong size polo and jumper for my husband's Christmas and emailed the team and they changed it within 15 mins! Amazing! Defo be buying from Druids again!”

Druids- A Reputable Golf Apparel Brand 

Our commitment and dedication to ensuring golfers get high-quality apparel has earned us a great reputation. With over 17000 happy customer reviews and a 4.2 rating on TrustPilot, we can proudly say Druids is not just a brand, it is an indispensable part of the golfing community worldwide.