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Get the Perfect Grip With Druids Golf Gloves

For years, golf gloves were neglected and considered useless, but today, no professional golfer walks on the course without a golf glove in his hand. In fact, golf attire is incomplete without a high-quality glove. 

The reason behind this is quite simple- golf gloves offer a grip that your hands never could.

It ensures that the club is secure enough to deliver powerful swings and cushions your hand to prevent the formation of calluses and blisters. 

At Druids, we pay close attention to details and use state-of-the-art technology to produce gloves that allow golfers to play their best shots while looking super stylish.

Features That Make Druids Golf Glove Collection Stand Out

Strong Grip: 

The secret behind powerful shots is a secure hold on the golf club. Your bare hands, alone,  are not enough to provide that sturdy grip, and no one understands that better than us.


Our team of experts has worked day and night to create a collection that is slip resistant and offers the perfect hold in every weather condition. 

To enhance your performance further, pair these with our golf shoes that offer much-needed stability on uneven terrain. 



Playing golf without any protective layer can lead to blisters and calluses on the palm- conditions that cause discomfort and impact the gameplay.

Our glove collection is made with premium quality faux leather that feels soft against the skin,  cushions your hand, and protects against factors like friction.


The build up of sweat on the hands weakens the hold on the shaft. This may cause the club to twist and result in powerless shots. 

To ensure that your hand remains dry on a hot day- our brand makes highly breathable golf gloves. 

The satin net panels across the back of the glove and ventilation holes on fingers, thumbs, and knuckles allow the air to move in and out of the glove which in turn dries up excessive moisture. 


Many golfers look for a glove that is durable enough to last several rounds. The synthetic fabric used in the production of our glove collection looks and feels like leather but is much more long-lasting. 

So with our collection, you get all the premium features of leather gloves and an added perk- longevity. 

Snug Fit:

Tailoring a golf glove is a tough job- it needs to fit snugly while providing enough room for your fingers to move properly. We prepare all the golf gloves with meticulous attention to this detail.

Each piece undergoes a screening process to ensure its stitched to perfection and will fit the golfer’s hand like a second skin. 

The velcro closure is an added benefit as it secures the glove on your hand completely. 


Just like functionality, the style of your glove matters a lot. At Druids, we pay special attention to the design of our gloves. We also offer a lot of colour options. Red, yellow, blue, green- think of a colour and you will find it in our collection. 


While many major brands offer only one size, we understand that not every golfer feels comfortable with this policy. 

Our glove collection comes in several sizes including small, medium, large, extra large, and 2XL. 


We aim to revolutionize the sportswear industry by manufacturing products that are high quality and affordable. Everything from our golf gloves to golf jackets and rain gear is made with premium quality materials and comes at affordable prices. 

So if you want a golf glove that is affordable, stylish, fits snugly, and offers a great hold, Druids is the right place for you. 

How does Druids manage to keep the prices low and quality high? 

The answer to this is pretty simple- we manufacture our own golf products. 

Unlike many other online stores that resell high end brands’ products at a higher price, we put a lot of effort into finding the finest quality raw material and then processing it into your favorite golf products.

Being able to deliver affordable and high quality products is a matter of pride for us. So while you enjoy our budget friendly products, we enjoy being able to produce those for you. 

On a budget but want to look good for a big game? 

Style our brand’s high performance golf polos with matching golf trousers and complete the look with our hot-selling golf shoes and golf gloves.

A golf glove can be made with three different types of fabric- and each one has its own pros and cons.

  • Leather Golf Gloves
  • The Cabretta leather used in making these gloves is highly breathable and feels soft against the skin. The downside of these golf gloves is their high price and short life.

  • Synthetic Golf Gloves
  • These gloves are either made with cheap synthetic fabric or premium faux leather. The high quality synthetic gloves provide comfort, breathability, and durability. These are also less expensive and offer great value for money.

  • Hybrid Golf Gloves
  • Hybrid gloves make use of both Cabretta leather and synthetic fabric. These gloves are comfortable and improve the hold on the shaft. The only downside of such gloves is that they get dirty easily.

    The sweat on your hands can cause your hold to loosen on the golf club- this negatively impacts the swing and results in poor shots. Golf gloves are tackier than human skin and offer a firm grip on the club. 

    Besides this, they cushion and protect the fingers from developing calluses and blisters.

    Most golf players choose to wear only one glove. A right handed player wears it on their left hand while a left handed golfer wears it on their right hand. In short, you need a glove only for one hand.

    A glove should fit your hand like a second skin- meaning it should not be too loose or tight.

    To figure out whether or not you've got the right size, make a fist while the glove is still on. If you have trouble fisting your hand completely, the glove is too small for you.

    A loose glove, on the other hand, slides around your palm and doesn't hug the fingers snugly.

    A leather golf glove is made with natural Cabretta leather. It is soft, highly breathable, and offers a secure hold on the club, but is not too great for rainy days. The grip of Cabretta gloves weakens when they get wet.

    A Weather golf glove- on the other hand, is made of warm synthetic fabric and is perfect for rainy and cold days. The wetter your club, the better grip they offer. 

    So, leather gloves are for dry and humid conditions, and all weather gloves are for cold and wet conditions.

    It is best not to wash them in a washing machine as that damages the fabric and decreases their lifetime. 

    The use of detergent can also affect the grip. Make sure not to use any harsh soap on genuine leather and use only a small amount for faux leather.

    Washing golf gloves in a washing machine reduces their lifetime and isn’t recommended.

    The leather golf gloves should only be cleaned with a wet cloth. Synthetic ones may be cleaned with detergent but make sure you use a small quantity.

    The longevity depends on their quality and the material used in their production. Thin leather gloves can last for six to eight golf rounds. Synthetic ones, on the other hand, can last for a minimum of ten golf rounds.