Why Are Golf Joggers a Must-Have for the Upcoming Season?

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Why Are Golf Joggers a Must-Have for the Upcoming Season?

Golf joggers are becoming increasingly popular amongst professional golfers. The must have bottoms enhance the overall outfit while ensuring comfort and freedom of movement on the course.

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In recent years, golf has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, crossing geographical boundaries and captivating enthusiasts worldwide. This increasing global appeal is also accompanied by an evolution in the golf fashion. The traditional, somewhat rigid golf attire rules have been relaxed, giving rise to more diverse and stylish clothing options.  Among these modern golf wear choices is one that has successfully captured the attention of amateurs as well as professional golfers- golf joggers. 


Golf joggers, characterised by elasticated waistbands, tapered legs, and ankle cuffs, have only recently gained popularity, but seeing their growing demand in the golfing community, it is safe to say that they will soon become a golf wardrobe staple. If you don't already own a pair or two of golf joggers and are wondering whether investing in them is a good idea- keep reading. Because we are about to tell you all the reasons why jogger pants are a must-have for the upcoming season.  

Hottest Trend In Golf Fashion

A golfer in stylish gray pants preparing for a shot on a scenic golf course with the tagline 'HOTTEST TREND IN GOLF FASHION' and the DRUIDS logo.

Professional golfers always bring about new fashion trends in the golfing world . Golf enthusiasts see their favourite golfers wearing unconventional apparel on the course and follow suit. Things haven't been any different in the case of golf joggers.


They came onto the scene in 2016 when Rickie Fowler rocked a white pair at the Tournament of Champions. His look didn't impress many at the time, but over years,  golf joggers received more acceptance. Recently, many PGA players have been seen wearing them to big tournaments. The renowned golfers who have popularised the golf joggers are Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Tyrell Hatton, Collin Morikawa, and Justin Thomas. 


Being a stylish, practical choice that offers freedom of movement and comfort on the greens, golf joggers are only growing in popularity, and soon become a staple in the modern golfer's wardrobe.

Enhanced Mobility 

Traditional golf pants are sometimes too stiff to accommodate proper movements on the course. Golf joggers, on the other hand, do not have such problems. They are crafted with innovative fabric blends like polyester and spandex and offer exceptional flexibility. 


The four-way stretch technology takes this flexibility to the next level, ensuring golfers can move freely on the course. High-quality golf joggers can adapt to every swing, putt, and drive, making them an ideal choice for any serious golfer. 


In short, the unrestricted mobility and unmatched comfort offered by golf jogger pants eliminate distractions, enabling you to deliver your best performance every time. 

High-Tech Features

Golf joggers aren’t anything like those traditional jogger pants we all wear at home. These pants are equipped with unique fabric technologies that help golfers enhance their performance on the course. At Druids, our tech experts have masterfully incorporated moisture-wicking technology in all jogger pants to ensure golfers stay dry and sweat-free throughout the round. This moisture wicking technology works by drawing excessive moisture away from the golfer’s skin and presenting it to the outer surface for quick evaporation. 

The Quick Cooling technology is also of great importance. It helps maintain optimal body temperature during strenuous physical activity, ensuring the comfort and concentration needed to hit good shots. Some joggers may also have a built-in UV radiation protection- a powerful feature that prevents harmful sun rays from reaching your skin, reducing the chances of sunburn. 

Unmatched Comfort 

Comfort is of utmost importance on the golf course. Golf joggers are made with lightweight fabric, allowing the golfers to focus on the game without feeling weighed down. These joggers also feature anti-chafe seams, preventing rash and discomfort during long rounds of golf.  

Wearable On & Off The Course

Another reason why joggers are a must-have for the upcoming season is their versatility. You can wear these bottoms to various occasions on and off the course and still look stylish. On the greens, pair them with a contrasting golf polo shirt and enjoy comfort during those long rounds. 


Beyond the golf course, pair the tapered pants with your favourite t-shirt and viola! You have a casual, trendy look perfect for outings with friends or running errands. Their adaptability doesn't just end there. You can also wear golf joggers in semi-formal settings. Just match them with a crisp button down, and you are ready for dinner dates and social gatherings. 

Easy Maintenance 

Golf joggers are not just comfortable and fashionable- they are also practical. When bought from a credible golf wear brand- these bottoms last for years. They are easy to wash and care for, retaining their shape and colour even after repeated washes. With no long "product care" labels, golf joggers will be a hassle-free addition to your golfing wardrobe.

Golf Joggers: Redefining Style On The Greens

Golf joggers are a good choice for any fashion-forward golfer looking to make a statement on the course. These well-fitting golf bottoms complement every body type and offer a comfortable and tailored appearance. If you wish to follow the hottest golf fashion trend, check out Druids wide range of high-quality and affordable golf trousers. 

Druids Luxe Golf Joggers

Druids Luxe Golf Joggers, crafted with 92% polyester and 8% spandex, feel soft against the skin and ensure complete freedom of movement. The seamlessly tailored bottoms enhance overall outfit and performance. 

Men's Golf Joggers

Druids Men’s Golf Joggers are unarguably the best-fitting golf joggers on the market. Crafted with lightweight polyester, these bottoms provide the comfort and flexibility needed on the course.  

Slim Fit Joggers

Druids Slim Fit Joggers are designed with the needs of fashion forward golfers in mind. The 100% polyester golf bottoms offer four way stretch while hugging the wearer’s legs in all the right places for a streamlined silhouette and polished look. Slim Fit Joggers also boast QuickDrying and moisture wicking technology. 

Tech Joggers

Druids Tech Joggers are a winter wardrobe staple for all golfers. Crafted with fleece lined polyester, these joggers trap heated air particles, keeping your legs warm on a chilly day. The four way stretch technology ensures mobility, allowing the wearer to stretch, bend, and flex freely. 

Men's Elite Joggers

Druids Men’s Elite Joggers are ideal for all types of sports. Carefully curated with lightweight polyester and equipped with four way stretch technology, Elite Joggers ensure complete freedom of movement. The high breathability together with moisture wicking technology keep the wearer comfortable and dry during strenuous activity.

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