What Do I Need To Wear When Playing Golf?

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What Do I Need To Wear When Playing Golf?

Dated back to its origin in the 1500s, Golf is a popular sport that people worldwide, irrespective of gender and age, enjoy playing it. Since it is a royal game with a rich history, there is a clothing etiquette attached to it.

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Though, there is no fixed rule when it comes to the types of clothing to wear while playing Golf. However, if you are an avid player, you must be aware that many golf clubs have specific dress codes that golfers need to follow for the Golf course.

Or, if you are a beginner and interested in playing this royal game, but are unaware of what apparel to wear, fret not. In this article, we will give you every detail about the Do’s and Don’t while dressing up for Golf. 

Golden Rules Of Golfing Attire

Whether you are going for a casual play with friends or going to make a professional business deal over a game of Golf, you should know the basic rules of golf clothing. Whatever the event, you won’t want to show up in a Jeans-Shirt to play Golf. Moreover, the right dressing will also provide you with the best comfort to play your best.

Here are five basic things to wear Golfing: 

1. A Collared Golf Polo Shirt

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The most important part of Golf clothing is a Collared Polo shirt. Depending on the weather and your comfort, you can go with a half-sleeve or full-sleeved shirt. But the one thing that the Golf shirt must have, is a collar. If you are playing in warmer climates, wear a shirt made from breathable and comfortable fabric to keep you cool during the play. Also, don’t forget to tuck your shirt into your bottom. It is the general etiquette that must be followed to play Golf. Get the most comfortable Men’s Polos and Women’s Polos (Sleeveless, Half-Sleeve, or Full Sleeved) at affordable prices with Druids. Never go with a Shirt on to the Golfing club.

2. Golf Trousers or Shorts

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Jeans are a big no-no during golf-course. The best options to wear for the best on-course look are clima trousers or shorts. You can go with Climalite or Climalite to enhance comfort in extreme weather conditions. They are innovative trousers specially designed for athletes to provide moisture control and ventilation to keep the body cool in hot climates. Also, avoid bright and dark-colored bottoms. Go with neutral shades of color like beige, teal, gray, or tan. Having a belt loop is another factor to consider when choosing golf pants/shorts. Matching your belt with the shirt or bottom wear will compliment your overall outlook. 

3. Golfing Shoes

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The right shoes not only enhance your look, but they are also crucial for maximum comfort on a golf course. Choose a spikeless pair of athletic shoes or shoes with soft spikes that allow you optimum grip while playing. Spike shoes are a big no for golf courses, they are even banned at most golf clubs. Get lightweight shoes that have moisture-wicking interiors and are waterproof for maximum comfort.

When selecting the socks to pair with your shoes, you can match them with the color of your trousers. Or, going with lighter color shades of ankle-length socks is always the best option as they complement any clothing color. 

4. Golf Gloves

Druids Golf Gloves

Though, the things mentioned above are the most important part of Golf attire. Wearing a glove is also recommended because it enhances your golfing experience. You don’t need to wear gloves on both hands. If you are a left-handed golfer, wear the glove on your right hand. Or, if you are a right-handed golfer, wear the glove on your left hand. 

When the weather is cold, you can wear gloves on both hands to keep your hands warm while golfing. The biggest advantage of wearing gloves is protecting your hands from getting blisters. 

5. Golf Caps

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You must have seen the golfers wearing a cap or a hat. But have you ever thought of the reason behind it? Though it is not necessary to wear a cap, the primary reason for wearing a cap on sunny days is to protect the golfers from the scorching heat of the sun and its harmful UVA/UVB rays. Besides, you can also consider wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun rays.  

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