Golf Gifts for Men: Tee-rific Gift Ideas For The Golfer In Your Life

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Golf Gifts for Men: Tee-rific Gift Ideas for the golfer in your life

Find the perfect gift for the golfer in your life with our list of unique and tee-rific golf gifts for men. From performance outfits to stylish accessories, surprise them with a gift they'll love.

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Golfers are mysterious beings. They can spend hours on the golf course and still not be entirely over it. Sometimes, they practice their imaginary swing while standing in the grocery store, and sometimes, they zone out thinking about their master strokes.  


These things can be annoying, especially when this golf addict is very dear to you, but why not look at the positive side? That is, finding a present for such people is super easy because there's so much they need many things for a good golfing experience. 


Here we have a list of the best golf gifts for men addicted to the game, and no, the items on our list will not break the bank. We believe in high quality yet affordable supremacy, and that is why our tee-riffic gift ideas start from as low as 30 quids. 


You can buy a single item off this list or make a golf essentials bundle for the Tiger Woods of your life. 


Best golf gifts for men: The basics

Let's start our present list with the basic things you can never go wrong with. If you don't know what to get, buy one of these items and see your dear one smiling ear to ear after unwrapping it. 

  • Golf Balls:

Golf ball

On top of the basics list are golf balls. Every regular golfer understands the importance of this item and knows that no amount of golf balls is enough. 


At Druids, we stock two types of high quality golfing balls that would make the perfect present. 


  • These high-performance golf balls, made with 3 Piece Construction Cast Urethane Cover, have a soft feel and offer maximum control and spin.


    One tube includes ten balls and a permanent ball marker pen, making it a perfect gift set.


  • Our SX distance golf balls have a Piece Construction Cast Surlyn Cover, which allows them to cover long distances. A tube of these also includes ten balls and a permanent ball marker. 

    • Golf Gloves:

    Golf Gloves

    Anyone who understands the basics of golf knows that golf gloves are essential to any golfer's kit. They offer a good grip on the club and protect the hand from developing blisters. Since they are used round after round, another critical thing to know is that they wear out quickly.


    These reasons make golf gloves a thoughtful gift that every golf enthusiast would be happy to have. You can check out Druids' website to get the best synthetic or leather gloves.


    Our best selling golf gloves include:



    These will be the perfect gift for golfers who like to wear gloves made of 100% genuine leather. They have high breathability and offer a robust and comfortable grip in every weather condition.

    • Golf Towel:

    Golf Towel

    This may sound too weird, but trust us on this. No one needs towels as much as golfers. Why, may you ask? Golfers use towels to clean their clubs, dry their hands, and wipe off the golf ball before hitting it. 


    Now that you know why it's on our essential list, let's look at Druids' hot seller.


  • As the name indicates, the tour tower is made with microfibre- a material known for its absorbency and durability. 


    Our towel's high absorption power and full size make the cleaning process more manageable and less time-consuming. 


    The best bit? Our tour towel is available in six different colours. So don't overthink. Buy your man a golf towel in his favorite colour and brighten up his day. 

    • Golf Cap:

    Golf Cap

    Be it sunshine or rain, real golfers do not skip a game day. If the special someone in your life belongs to this category of golfers, you need to buy a golf cap for them.


    It looks incredibly stylish on the golf course and protects the golfer's face and head from harsh sun rays.


    At Druids, we stock several different golf cap designs, each one better than the other. But we do have a favorite, and this is:


  • Our play-off cap is a baseball cap with a contemporary touch. The six panel construction offers a relaxed fit, and the meshed back enhances the ventilation.


    The Play Off Cap's style is what we love the most. The two-toned fabric, Druids 3D logo, and stunning colour combination make it the perfect golf gift for any fashion forward golfer.


    • Golf Socks:

    Golf Socks

    There are a hundred articles out there explaining why socks are a good gift for adults- none mention golf socks. So let us tell you why golf socks are a good gift for golf lovers.


    The excellent quality golf socks offer comfort and support to the golfer's feet. They cushion the feet to prevent the formation of blisters and keep them dry on a long game day.


    At Druids, we stock ankle golf socks and long ribbed golf socks. Though both are equipped with the best features, we recommend you to gift your guy our long ribbed golf socks.


    Why? Well, every good golf club has a strict dress code that requires men to wear long socks. 

    •  Golf Umbrella:

    Golf Umbrella

    This gift idea may sound absurd but hear us out! One can play golf in any weather, but it is impossible to give the best performance on the golf course with proper protective gear. 


    Any loving friend or partner would want their dear one to stay protected from sun and rain; this is where the umbrella comes in. This accessory offers protection from all elements and makes a great golf gift. 


    Our brand stocks the best golf umbrellas at incredible prices. So if this is the gift idea you are going with, order:


  • Druids Tour Golf Umbrella has all the features one would want in this accessory. It opens up automatically, has a robust frame to withstand extreme wind pressure, and has a sixty-four inch double canopy that protects you from the sun on hot days.


    • Golf Tees: 

    Golf Tees

    A golf tee may seem like a small, insignificant item, but it is an absolute essential. In fact, without a golf tee, a person can't commence his game.


    So if you want to gift your man something small yet significant, golf tees are perfect. We do not sell tees at Druids separately, but you can get a tee pack for free when you order our ambassador pack

    • Golf Bags:

    Golf Tees

    A golf bag is an essential piece of equipment and makes a perfect gift for someone just starting as a golfer. 


    A golf bag allows players to comfortably and safely transport their clubs to and from the golf course while providing a convenient way to store and access the accessories they need while playing.


    So if you are searching for a gift for a golf beginner, a golf bag is the best option. 

    Best golf gifts for men:  Functional golf wear

    Best golf gifts for men:  Functional golf wear

    After the basic accessories come, the essential elements of the golfing world - functional and stylish golf clothes


    Polo shirts, gilets, jackets, shorts, and waterproof golf jackets, the possibilities are endless. Golf wear makes excellent golf gifts for men of all ages, but gift buyers often face two problems. 


    They often aren't aware of the crucial features of the golf wear and end up buying useless stuff, or they get intimidated by hefty price tags and decide not to buy a golf-related present at all. 


    Well, not anymore, because we have prepared a list of golf wear that is affordable, high quality, and equipped with the latest technologies.


    Let’s take a look, shall we? 


    • Polo Shirts:

    Golf Functional Wear: Golf Polos

    Polos are a wardrobe staple for every golfer. Every high-end golf club requires its members to wear polos. They look super stylish off the golf course as well and have become a part of everyday life.


    So if you want to give your loved one a golf gift they use casually, this is your calling. 


    At Druids, we stock high performance golf polos that are smart inside and out. To make the selection process easy, we have listed two of our best-selling articles.


  • Honeycomb Polo:
  • This performance shirt is made with a blend of high performance synthetic fibers, and its honeycomb pattern makes it a perfect present for a golfer who likes to stand out from the crowd.


  • Caddy Polo:
  • Our Caddy Polo is a timeless classic one can wear on any occasion. Its lightweight construction, high breathability, and moisture wicking ability make it a great golf gift for hot days.

    • Golf Hoodies

    Functional golf wear: Golf Hoodies

    If the golfer in your life is a fashionista and follows the latest fashion trends, a golf hoodie is an ideal gift for him.


    A golf hoodie is a laid back clothing article with a sophisticated edge. It keeps the golfers warm on colder days and helps them serve some significant fashion goals on and off the course.


    Here's one highly functional and stylish golf hoodie from Druids that you can never go wrong with.



    Our Two Toned Hoodie can be a perfect addition to any guy’s wardrobe. The article is constructed with high performance polyester and spandex- fabrics that make the hoodie highly stretchable, breathable, and warm.


    The design of this hoodie is also praiseworthy. Everything from the contrasting zip and sleeves to the details on the hood scream Vogue.


    • Golf Rain Gear

    Functional golf wear: Golf Rain Gear

    Every golfer who lives in the UK understands the significance of rain gear. Sometimes it rains as predicted, and other times it starts pouring without warning. 


    Gifting golf rain gear (Waterproof Golf Jacket + Waterproof Golf Trousers) to the British golfer in your life could be the best decision you’ll ever make. The condition, however, is that along with keeping the rain out, the rain gear must provide comfort and allow proper movements. 


    Here’s what Druids have to offer in the rain gear category:

  • To make our Everdri golf jacket and bottoms 100% impervious to rainwater, we construct them with two layers of waterproof gore-tex fabric. 


    Little details like adjustable velcro wristbands, double-lined waterproof zippers, and a DWR finish on the outer surface further enhance the impermeability of our gear to rain. 


    Both our rain jackets and bottoms come with a waterproof warranty as well. Sounds great, right? Well, order the suit immediately and make that golfer in your life the happiest man on the greens. 


    • Golf Shoes:

    Functional golf wear: Golf Shoes

    Any golf lover will happily accept golf shoes as a present. The reason is pretty simple: high-quality golf shoes are a little pricey, and everyone loves expensive gifts.


    At Druids, we stock golf shoes made out of genuine and synthetic leather. Here are two of our best sellers that make the ideal golf gifts. 


  • Our premium tour leather golf shoes are made with 100% genuine leather and a one-year waterproof warranty.


    Unlike other waterproof golf shoes, our premium ones offer high breathability. The Ortholite memory foam insoles ensure comfort on uneven surfaces, while the outsole, equipped with multidirectional rubber traction, offers a firm grip on the ground. On top of that, the shoes have an antimicrobial and anti-odor finish.


    In short, these shoes have all the features a golfer looks for in shoes and make the perfect Christmas and birthday present. 


  • Heathers are the most loved in our PU leather golf shoes collection. They offer the same features as the leather ones but cost less. So if you have a lower budget, these could be a great option.


    Best golf gifts for men: Golf gadgets

    If your man is tech-savvy and likes to try out new gadgets, you can get him one of those as well. Here are some of our favorite devices that can help a golfer improve his game.Golf Gadgets: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor


    Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a great gift for any professional golfer aiming to improve his game. This monitor analyzes the golfer's performance and provides valuable data about the swing, such as golf ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, and more. 


    The best part about this device is it is portable and easy to use-  meaning it can be used at the driving range, on the course, and even in the backyard. 

    • Golf GPS Watch:

    Golf Gadgets: Golf GPS Watch

    If your man loves to wear accessories, a golf GPS watch can be a great gift. This watch looks trendy on golf courses and offers many other benefits.


    Some of those benefits include providing accurate yardage information, tracking golf shots, including swing speed, and giving the progress report of the player from time to time. 


    • Automatic Golf Ball Launcher: 

    Golf Gadgets: Automatic Golf Ball Launcher

    An automatic golf ball launcher is a perfect gift for a man trying to improve his game. This gadget can save your loved one time and effort by launching balls for them to hit without needing a partner to retrieve them. 


    Besides saving time, this fun gift can also be programmed to launch golf balls at different speeds, angles, and elevations. So buy this gadget and let your guy show off his inner Arnold Palmer by playing various types of shots.

    Best Golf Gifts For Men: Personalized Gift Box

    If you are planning to surprise your loved one with a great golf present instead of one or two articles. Here are a couple of ideas that you will fall in love with. 

    Hole In One Golf Gift For Men

    Personalized Gift Box: Hole in one Golf Gift for Men

    Druids offer a hole in one golf Gift for men that can be an ideal gift for any man. The ambassador's pack comprises six golfing items, including- two polos, one golf mid-layer, a choice of golf trousers or shorts, a stylish golf cap, and four packs of 800 wooden golf tees. 


    Sounds perfect, right? We guarantee that whether your man is a beginner or a professional player, he will love a bag full of high quality golf wear as a present. 

    A Big Gift Box Of Golf Essentials

    Personalized Gift Box: A Big Gift Box of Golf Essentials

    The last gift idea that would make any golfer in the world happy is a big gift box full of golf essentials. Buy a golf bag, a cleaning cloth, a golf ball pack, a golf cap, and golf gloves. Add a water bottle with his initials on it for a personal touch. 


    Wrap all these things together to form a cute package, and enjoy the smile on your man's face upon receiving such a practical and thoughtful gift. 


    Get a special discount at Druids.

    Let's face it; everyone loves discounts. To make your shopping experience delightful, we offer a 5% discount on your first order. 


    So if you are planning to buy something off our website for your special someone, use the code SOCIAL5 and enjoy the discount on our golf wear and accessories. 


    Last Word:

    There you have it, an article full of all the best gift ideas for men. We hope all this information helps you make the right decision for your man.

    One last thing though, if you can't afford a very expensive birthday or anniversary present for your loved one, stress not. 

    It doesn't matter whether you buy them a costly golf club, a training aid, or a pair of socks- all that matters is the love and thoughtfulness you put into it. 


    So pick a present that will make your loved one happy but wouldn’t be too heavy on your pocket.