A Comprehensive Lob Wedge Guide- Loft Degree, Range, & Uses

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A Comprehensive Lob Wedge Guide- Loft Degree, Range, & Uses

The Lob Wedge is the golfing ally you need to conquer challenges and perfect your short game. Learn about the lob wedge loft degrees, range, and expert techniques to reap maximum benefits on the green.


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A Comprehensive Lob Wedge Guide- Loft Degree, Range, & Uses


When a golfer steps onto the golf course, he is greeted by a variety of challenges. Sandy bunkers, intimidating potholes, daunting water hazards, and undulating hills- each one dares him to conquer the course with a low score. To take over these obstacles like a pro, a golfer must be equipped with a lob wedge- a versatile and powerful golf club that only a few know of.

In this article, we will unveil everything about this powerful weapon, so when you step on to the green next time,  you are prepared to conquer it with ease. Are you ready to find all about the lob wedge loft degrees, its impressive range, and how it can help you navigate various challenges? If yes, read this article till the very end. 

What Is A Lob Wedge?

A Lob wedge, also known as a lofted wedge or LW, belongs to the Wedge category of the golf clubs. Designed in the 1980s by short-game coach and former NASA physicist Dave Pelz, the lob wedge has one of the shortest shafts and highest loft of all golf clubs. The main purpose served by this high-lofted wedge is to help golfers execute high short shots, clear the hazards easily and land the ball on the green smoothly.

What Degree Is A Lob Wedge Loft?

What Degree Is A Lob Wedge Loft?

Lob Wedge comes with various lofts, commonly ranging from 56 to 60 degrees. On rare occasions, you may also stumble upon lob wedges with loft up to 64 degrees; these lob wedge clubs are called x-wedges, extreme lob wedges, or ultra lob wedges. 


The lob wedge's high loft enables it to produce shots with a high arc (trajectory) and remarkable control over the ball's descent to the greens. 

What is the Ideal Lob Wedge Loft Degree?

The ideal lob wedge loft degree varies for every golfer, depending on their skill level, playing style, and course conditions. Although no loft works equally well for all golfers, some general recommendations may help you pick the right one.


Beginners: For beginners (high handicappers), the ideal lob wedge loft ranges from 58 to 60 degrees. This range is perfect for golfers still in the process of developing their short-game skills. It offers enough loft to get the ball up in the air and clear the obstacles without making it too challenging to control the shots.


Intermediate Golfers: Golf players with a decent understanding of the short game and handicap range of 10 to 18 can opt for a lob wedge with a loft between 60 and 62 degrees. 


The loft in this range improves short-game by allowing higher trajectory, steep angle of descent and soft landing with minimum roll. This is especially helpful when a golfer tries to get the ball close to the pin for one-putt opportunities.


Advanced Golfers: Professional golfers may opt for extreme lob wedges with 62 degrees or higher loft. With correct usage, the extreme-lob wedge provides maximum shot-stopping power and is ideal for delicate shots around the green.


These recommendations work for most golfers, but personal preference also plays a major role in determining the ideal lob wedge loft degree. When searching for your perfect match, experiment with different loft options and take advice from a professional golf coach. 

What's the Range of a Lob Wedge?

What's the Range of a Lob Wedge?

The range refers to the distance a golfer's ball covers when hit with a lob wedge. For every golfer, this range differs depending on their skill level, swing style, and the loft of the lob wedge. Even renowned professional golfers cover varying distances with a lob wedge. 

Professional Golfer

Distance Covered By A Lob Wedge

Rory McIlroy

105 yards

Tiger Woods 

100 yards

Justin Thomas

100 yards

Jordan Speith

100 yards

Bryson DeChambeau

124 yards 

According to the study conducted by TrackMan in 2021, male amateur golfers fall into three groups: short hitters, intermediate hitters, and long hitters. 


Here's the average distance each group covers when playing with a lob wedge. 

Male Amateur Golfer Category 

Distance Covered By A Lob Wedge

Short Hitter (Beginner)

55 yards

Medium Hitter (Intermediate)

72 yards

Long Hitter (Advanced)

90 yards


The difference in the distances these golfers cover shows their ability to handle lob wedges- beginners struggle to achieve the maximum distance due to the lack of control over the golf club and their inability to carry out a consistent swing. Advanced golfers, on the other hand, covered significant distances because they always strike the ball with consistent power and precision.

Now check out the distances female golfers cover with a lob wedge.

Female Golfer Category

Distance Covered By A Lob Wedge

Female Professional Golfer

70 yards

Female Amateur Golfer

45 yards 


What Is Lob Wedge Used For?

Lob Wedge is a versatile golf club and proves valuable in various situations, particularly in and around the green. Here are some scenarios in which golfers can use a lob wedge. 


To get the ball over the bunker lip, golfers require a high loft wedge which sends the ball high up in the air, helps it cover a significant distance and make it softly land on the green with minimum roll. The lob wedge, when used properly, helps golfers achieve all three. 

Tight Pin Positions:

Tight pin position refers to the situation where the flagstick is dangerously close to the edge of a green or near a hazard. Such pin positions make it harder for the golfers to get the ball close to the hole and need to be played with a lot of accuracy. 


On tight pin positions, the ball's stopping position can make or break the golfer's game, as rolling back can make it fall into a hazard, and forward might make it run too far past the hole. 


The lob wedge proves helpful in these situations as its high trajectory carries the ball over obstacles easily, and the steep angle of descent allows soft landing, meaning the ball stops quickly with minimum roll after landing.

Getting Out Of Roughs:

Roughs near the green consist of thick, long grass that can hinder the progress of the golf ball. Golfers can rely on a lofted wedge to navigate such a situation efficiently and get the ball out in minimum strokes. 


Unlike golf clubs like 9-iron and pitching wedge that get stuck in the grass, loft wedge cuts through the rough and swiftly gets the ball out and onto the putting green. 

Tips To Hit Better Shots With Lob Wedge

Tips To Hit Better Shots With Lob Wedge

Now that you know the basics of the L-Wedge, let's discuss the tips and techniques you need to play pro shots with it. 


Maintain an open stance: When playing a shot with a lob wedge, adopt a slightly open stance. It provides better control of the loft and club face angle. 


To do so, adjust your legs so that your lead foot  (left foot for right-handed golfers or right foot for left-handed golfers) is placed slightly back from your trail foot.


Position the ball forward:  Next, adjust the ball’s position by placing it closer to your lead foot. The forward ball positioning helps with precise strikes and results in a high trajectory. 


Shift weight onto the front foot: Put more of your body weight on the front foot for a steep angle of attack.


Use a neutral grip: Have a light, neutral hold on the golf club, as it will allow more wrist action in the swing and produce spin on the golf ball.  


Shorter backswing: The key to a successful lob wedge shot is short backswing. Instead of taking the club all the way back, stop when it is parallel to the ground. The compact backswing will result in well-controlled shots. 


Accelerate through the impact: When transitioning from the backswing to the downswing, start gradually. As it progresses, increase the speed- the acceleration of the club will help generate the power needed to lift the ball into the air for a high shot. 


Follow Through: When the club makes contact with the ball, don't stop- continue with your swing by bringing it up and finish with the clubhead above your shoulder. Doing so will help the ball attain a high trajectory. 


Practice Regularly: To play with a lob wedge effectively, you need consistent practice. So, test out varying lofts, practice on the driving range, and if your pocket allows, get enrolled in a good golfing school for one-on-one classes with a professional golf coach. 


Wear functional golf wear: Whether it's a game or practise day, dress in good quality and highly performance golf clothes. Druids offer affordable golf polo shirts and golf trousers that ensure comfort and aid movements on the green. So do check them out. 

Last Word

There you have it- all the information you need about the renowned loft wedge. Before we go, a little advice- If you want to feel confident and fearless on the golf course, master the art of playing with a lob wedge, as this golf club will improve your short game and make hazards seem like no biggie.