Druids Drops The Most Anticipated Golf Rain Gear Collection Of 2023

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Druids Drops The Most Anticipated Golf Rain Gear Collection Of 2023

Druids 2023 rain gear collection is your shield against the elements and a trusted ally for your golfing journey.

A man wearing a vibrant red Druids waterproof golf jacket with shoulder reinforcements stands in the rain, showcasing the jacket's durability and style as part of Druids' anticipated golf rain gear collection for 2023.

Founded in 2014, Druids is a golf wear brand committed to making golfers on-course experience pleasant and enjoyable. Our mission is to create innovative apparel for golfers and the 2023 golf rain gear series is a proof of that. 

Druids' newly launched golf rain gear collection is far from ordinary. From the fabric selection to incorporation of edge-cutting technology, and tailoring- each step is carried out with great care and attention. 

The efforts we have put into designing and producing Druids 2023 golf waterproofs will revolutionise the rain gear industry forever.  The collection is highly affordable, ensures comfort and freedom of movement while keeping you protected from the elements. 

Let's take a look at all three articles and what makes them so special

Aqua Shield 1/4 Zip Rain Jacket

Three quarter-zip rain jackets from Druids in navy blue, royal blue, and black, featuring water-resistant material, prominent zippers, and the Druids logo on the chest, advertised as 'Aqua Shield' against a backdrop of stylized rain.Sizes: Small to 4XL.
Colours: Blue, Navy blue, Black.

An epitome of excellence, our Aqua Shield Rain Jacket has set a new bar for waterproof golf outerwear. It is crafted with a single-knit polyester- a fabric we researched extensively until we were 100% convinced of its performance. The single-knit polyester fabric makes the Aqua Shield Jacket incredibly lightweight yet highly durable, meaning it allows the wearer to play round after round without feeling weighed down. 

The natural stretch property of the fabric ensures freedom to swing the club freely. The fabric also makes our latest rain jacket incredibly breathable and quick drying, enhancing comfort and improving the wearer's focus. 

As far as the protection from elements is concerned, the Aqua Shield waterproof golf jacket is constructed with sealed seams and features a tough DWR finish that makes it impenetrable. The waterproof rating of 13000 mm ensures protection from rainwater for prolonged hours. 

The jacket can also easily withstand a rainstorm and is even wearable in moderate snow conditions. For maximum upper body protection, the Aqua Shield Jacket is equipped with a mock collar and waterproof zippers. 

The cherry on top is the 3-year waterproof warranty. At Druids, we only use the best fabric and production techniques- that's why we are not afraid of offering a warranty. If the Aqua Shield Jacket loses its waterproofing before 3 years, you can claim for a return or exchange. 

Available in three basic colours, our stunning waterproof golf jacket with contrasting details and 1/4th zipper is ideal for rainy rounds and hangouts with friends.

Storm Tech Waterproof Golf Jacket

Druids Stormtech golf jackets in green, red, and gray, with waterproof technology, zippered pockets, and high collars, highlighted as 'Stormtech Waterproof Golf Jacket' under a rain effect background.Sizes: Small to 4XL.
Colours: Green, Grey, Red, Charcoal, Khaki, Navy blue, Blue, Black.

Our newly launched Storm Tech Waterproof Golf Jacket allows the wearer to embrace the challenging weather with open arms. It is carefully curated with the highly functional single-knit polyester fabric that promises comfort and performance on the greens. The full-zip golf rain jacket is incredibly lightweight and equipped with a four-way stretch technology that provides complete freedom of movement and ensures powerful shots.

The remarkable 13000 mm waterproof rating makes the jacket impenetrable- meaning the water droplets slide off its surface instead of getting absorbed. To maximise protection, we have paid attention to every minute detail of the Stormtech Jacket. Dual sealed seams, waterproof zippers, a mock neck, and a chin guard- each element works together to make it 100% waterproof. Another remarkable feature of the Stormtech Jacket is its ability to permit airflow. While most waterproof golf jackets have poor breathability, our revolutionary rain outerwear offers a breathability rating of 3000 g/mm2. 

With a 3-year waterproof warranty, stunning design, and affordable price, our newly launched waterproof golf jacket is a must-have for every all-weather golfer. 

Infinite Rain Trousers

A lineup of three pairs of Druids rain trousers in navy blue, light gray, and black, designed for infinite protection against rain, displayed with the text 'Infinite Rain Trousers' and falling rain graphic in the background.Sizes: Small to 4XL.
Colours: Grey, Black, Navy blue

Our Infinite Rain Trousers are every fashion-forward golfer's dream bottoms. Oozing elegance and style, these waterproof golf trousers prove that rain gear can offer more than just protection from water droplets. Infinite rain golf trousers are made with polyester fabric known for their flexible nature and durability. These golf bottoms are also equipped with moisture-wicking technology and have a breathability rating of 3000 g/mm2. In short, they keep the sweat under control and keep your legs comfortable all day long.

Just like the tops from our 2023 golf waterproof series, the Infinite trousers have dual sealed seams and a waterproof rating of 13000 mm. The trousers also offer a waterproof warranty of 3 years, so when you invest in them- you invest in bottoms that elevate your style and keep you protected from the elements for years to come.

Last Word:

Since our humble beginnings in 2014, we have been dedicated to enhancing your on-course experience, ensuring you feel unstoppable in any weather. Our 2023 golf waterproof collection shows our passion to make golf more enjoyable for all. 

Each garment, from the Aqua Shield 1/4 Zip Rain Jacket to the StormTech Waterproof Golf Jacket and the Infinite Rain Trousers, has been curated after extensive research and ensures maximum protection from the rain. So, if you want to play on the greens confidently, without fearing the changing weather conditions- shop our latest rain gear collection. 

Here's to hundreds of upcoming golf adventures in changing weather conditions with Druids golf wear.