Druids Best Golf Waterproofs 2023: Designed To Keep You Dry Till the 19th Hole

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Druids Best Golf Waterproofs 2023: Designed To Keep You Dry Till the 19th Hole

The best golf waterproofs offer protection from the rain while ensuring functionality. Druids waterproof collection offers the best features at minimal prices and is the future of the golfing world.

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Druids Best Golf Waterproofs 2023 Designed To Keep You Dry Till the 19th Hole



Golf is a game that requires concentration and skill. Playing in the rain, especially when you're not wearing rain gear, disrupts attention and negatively impacts the performance on the course. So if you are an all-weather golfer and aim to become a powerful swinger, add some good quality golf waterproofs to your wardrobe. Because to be the best, you need to give undivided attention to the game even when it's pouring heavily.


The Waterproof Golf Gear Every Golfer Must Own 


Golf rain jackets 

Golf rain jackets

A golf rain jacket is an essential piece of outerwear for all golfers. It aims to keep the upper body dry and comfortable on rainy days while ensuring proper movements. 


Golf rain pants

Golf rain pants

Golf rain pants aim to keep the lower body of the golfers dry in wet weather conditions. Ideally, waterproof golf pants are made up of highly breathable and stretchable fabrics that ensure functionality.


Waterproof golf shoes

Waterproof golf shoes

Waterproof golf shoes are made specifically for the golf course to provide enhanced stability and traction on slippery surfaces. These are made with genuine leather or synthetic materials, which keep the feet dry on rainy days.


Waterproof golf gloves

Waterproof golf gloves

Golf gloves allow golfers to hit their best shots in wet weather by offering a better grip on the club. High-quality gloves also cushion the hands and prevent the formation of blisters.


Waterproof golf umbrella

Waterproof golf umbrella

Golf umbrellas have a large canopy constructed with two layers of fabric, making them windproof and rainproof. The golf umbrellas offer protection from harsh sun rays as well.

Druids Best Golf Waterproofs: Golf Rain Gear

Druids Best Golf Waterproofs Golf Rain Gear

Druids' Men's Everdri Golf Rain Jacket

Druids Everdri golf rain jacket has all the features that a golfer looks for in waterproof outerwear. The best-selling jacket is constructed with two layers of 100% waterproof fabric that prevents the rain from seeping through and keeps the body protected even when it's pouring heavily.

The outer surface of the two-layered fabric is coated with a highly durable water-resistant film that allows the water droplets to slip away. 

Other features that make it one of the best waterproof jacket of 2023 include a one-year waterproof warranty, double-lined waterproof zippers, sealed side pockets, elasticised velcro sleeves cuffs, and a high-neck collar. 

Unlike other rain jackets that have poor breathability and feel too stuffy, the Everdri jacket offers high breathability and four-way stretch. So when wearing this article, the golfers feel comfortable and enjoy unrestricted movement.

Druids’ Everdri Bottoms

The hottest-selling article of 2023, the Everdri bottoms are the best rain pants you could ever get your hands on. They are manufactured with two layers of waterproof fabric that keeps the golfers dry and offers a four-way stretch. 

The outer surface of the trousers is coated with a layer of durable water-repellent film that makes it 100% waterproof. The pants also have a double-lined waterproof zipper that makes them easy to wear and take off in wet conditions. 

Although it is available in only one colour at the moment, its 2 years of waterproof warranty, high breathability, and four-way stretch make it golfers’ number one choice. 

Druids Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Druids Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Leather Waterproof Golf Shoes: Premium Tour Leather Mens Golf Shoe

Druids aim to manufacture the finest golf footwear, and its Premium Tour Leather golf shoes are proof of that. These shoes have an exterior made of 100% genuine leather that offers protection from the rain and ensures breathability.

The leather conforms to the shape of the golfer's feet to give a perfect fit. The inner sole has an ortho-lite foam that cushions the feet and prevents blister formation, while the midsole absorbs shock and allows golfers to hit powerful shots. 

Lastly, the outer sole has rubber tractions that stabilise golfers' feet on uneven or slippery ground, making them ideal for rainy days. 

Spikeless PolyUrethane Leather Waterproof Golf Shoes: Tour Sport Mens Golf Shoes

The Tour Men's golf shoes are perfect for fashion-forward golfers. The outer surface of these shoes is manufactured with high-quality PU leather (Synthetic leather)

Unlike under PU waterproofs, Druids waterproof golf shoes offer high breathability and do not let moisture accumulate on the golfer's feet. The shoe material allows air to pass freely, ensuring comfort all day long. 

The ortho-lite memory insole of Tour Sport Golf shoes is one of a kind. It pillows the feet to prevent blisters and discomfort, while the arched heel improves the balance, reduces the risk of injury, and helps golfers swing with full power. 

Lastly, the rubber studs on the shoe outsole provide a more stable connection with the course. Even when it's pouring heavily, Druids Tour Sports Golf Shoes do not fail their wearer. 

Available in four different colour combinations, these shoes are an ideal choice for golfers who want stylish waterproof golf shoes at an affordable price. 

Druids sell several other waterproof golf shoes, including Heather Mens Golf Shoes, Tour Tech Mens Golf Shoes, Flex Heather Men's Golf Shoes, and Engineered Ultra Mens Golf Shoes.

Each article has its unique style and feathers, but one thing remains constant in all Druids' golf shoes- the high quality and affordable prices.

Difference Between Leather Golf Shoes And PU Leather Golf Shoes 

Difference Between Leather Golf Shoes And PU Leather Golf Shoes

Leather and PU (polyurethane) leather golf shoes are similar in appearance, but they have some noteworthy differences.

Leather golf shoes are made from natural animal hides, typically cowhide or calfskin. They are known for their durability, breathability, and ability to mould to the foot's shape over time. They are often more expensive than PU leather shoes because of the higher cost of materials and manufacturing.

PU leather golf shoes, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of natural leather. They are often more affordable than leather shoes and more resistant to water and stains. 

Druids Best Waterproof Golf Gloves

Druids Best Waterproof Golf Gloves

Leather Golf Glove Cabretta: Cabretta Leather Tour Glove

As the name indicates, these golf gloves are prepared with 100% pure Cabretta leather. Cabretta leather is the finest type of leather and makes the perfect waterproof golf gloves. 

Druids Cabretta gloves are known for their softness, durability, and ability to conform to the shape of the golfer's hand for a secure fit. These gloves also have high breathability and prevent the build-up of sweat on golfers' hands. 

Their high quality, functionality, and traditional look have made them golfers' favourites across Europe. 

Synthetic Golf Glove: PU Performance Golf Glove

Druids synthetic leather golf gloves are the best golf waterproof you can get your hands on. They have been designed specifically for rainy days when the bare hand doesn't grip the club well.

These golf gloves feel soft against the skin and protect the lead hand from factors like friction. To ensure breathability, the back of the glove is made with a satin panel and has ventilation holes on the fingers and knuckles. 

Besides improving the game and protecting golfers' hands, PU Performance golf gloves add to their style. They fit the hands well, look super trendy, and come in six different colours, so golfers can have one to match all their outfits.


What is the difference between rainproof golf gear and waterproof golf gear?

The rainproof golf gear comes in handy in light showers. It is typically made of water-resistant materials such as nylon or polyester that are treated with a coating or membrane to repel water. The rainproof apparel is not 100% impervious to water and may cause raindrops to pass through when it’s pouring heavily. 

The waterproof golf gear is designed to completely block water from entering the gear and is 100% impervious to water. Such apparel is constructed with materials like Gore-Tex and coated with a film of DWR to ensure complete protection from the rain. 

So if you intend to just run inside when it starts to pour, rainproof gear is excellent for you. But if you are a wet weather warrior and intend to play through the heavy rain, waterproof golf wear is your calling. 

What gear do you need for golfing on a rainy day?

On a rainy day, a golfer must wear a waterproof golf jacket, waterproof golf pants, shoes designed for wet and slippery weather, golf gloves, and carry an umbrella. 

Do you wear trousers under golf waterproofs?

Wearing trousers under golf waterproofs is a matter of personal preference. Some golfers wear trousers under their waterproofs for added warmth, while others prefer to wear just the waterproofs.

If you decide to wear trousers under your waterproof golf pants, make sure they are made of lightweight, breathable materials to avoid feeling too warm and clammy. It's also essential to ensure that the trousers fit nicely under the waterproofs, so they don't bunch or ride up.

Is expensive waterproof golf gear more effective?

Many high-end brands want golfers to believe inexpensive waterproofs are not good at performing their job, but that's not true. 

Druids manage to keep the prices of its best golf waterproofs low by manufacturing them in their own factory and following the direct-to-consumer sale method. 

We always preach that expensive doesn't always mean better. If an affordable brand with good reviews offers all the features you want in your waterproofs, do not hesitate to try them out. 

Is a waterproof golf gear machine washable?

We recommend you not to use a washing machine for waterproof golf gear because it can decrease their longevity and may cause the DWR film to deplete faster.

So it is best to wash the waterproofs with your hands. Use mild detergent and lukewarm water for the best results.

Last Word:

Druids is one of the best golf wear brands in the UK. The affordable and high-quality gear is making it the talk of the town, and people all across Europe are loving its gear. 

The brand has fantastic reviews on its own website and a five-star rating on Trustpilot, which shows its high quality and trustworthiness. 

So make 2023 the year you ditch high-end brands for an affordable brand that aims to make premium quality golf wear affordable for everyone.