Why Should You Buy Your Golf Tops from Druids?

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Why Should You Buy Your Golf Tops from Druids?

Druids expertise in producing high quality golf polo shirts equipped with the latest technology. Our high performance & stylish golf tops are a must-have for all.

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A golfer’s game is shaped by a variety of factors- one of them being their golf outfit. The choice of apparel, especially the golf top, plays a crucial role in making or breaking a golfer’s game.  To play well, a golfer needs to wear a shirt that ensures comfort and freedom of movement to swing the club. 

Druids understand the significance of comfortable and flexible golf polos. We craft every article with golfers in mind and utilise advanced materials that breathe, stretch, and move with you. In simpler words, when you buy from us, you invest in apparel that enhances your on-course performance.  

Let's take a look at all the reasons why you should buy golf tops from Druids.

Superior Quality Fabric And Craftsmanship

Advertisement for DRUIDS highlighting their superior quality fabric and craftsmanship with a close-up of a dark blue shirt with small light blue logos and a model wearing a white patterned shirt.When it comes to investing in golf tops, quality matters. Our brand takes pride in producing polos with the finest quality material. The journey begins with carefully choosing fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, feel soft against the skin and promise longevity. Next comes the skilful tailoring of fabric into clothes. At this stage  we scrutinise every stitch to ensure a good fit and durability. Once the polos are fully crafted, we examine them again and remove any article with major or minor faults. Doing so ensures our customers get the finest quality pieces with no defects.

Equipped With Edge Cutting Technology

When playing a round, a golfer is exposed to the elements for a minimum of four hours. To make the most of this time, and give their best performance, golfers need advanced apparel that can aid their movements and prevent discomfort. We are always on a quest to research and incorporate state of art technology into our apparel. From our golf shirts and jackets to golf caps, everything boasts edge cutting features that help golfers perform better on course. Some of our most loved technical advancements include:

Moisture-wicking technology

The unique fabric treatment draws the sweat and excessive moisture away from the golfer's upper body and onto the fabric surface for quick evaporation. It keeps the golfer dry, prevents discomfort, chafing, and irritation, allowing them to focus on hitting their best shots.

Quick cooling technology

 An innovative feature incorporated in the fabric to allow the heat to dissipate quickly and maintain an optimal body temperature during physical activity. The quick cooling technology works by pulling the moisture away from your skin for faster evaporation, which, in turn, cools down your body. It also allows the air to circulate freely, exchanging the hot air particles trapped between your skin and the fabric with cooler ones from the surrounding environment.

Anti-microbial technology

The anti-microbial technology keeps the golfer smelling fresh for prolonged hours by entrapping and neutralising the odour-producing bacteria in the sweat.

Four-way stretch technology

The four-way stretch technology makes our shirts incredibly flexible, ensuring a full range of motion during swings and other upper body movements on the golf course.

Eye Catching Designs

Promotional image for DRUIDS showing three golf shirts with eye-catching designs, including one with a dark floral pattern, one with a light blue print, and one with a navy geometric pattern.Gone are the days when golfers played every round wearing plain, boring outfits. Today they demand apparel that is comfortable, functional and stylish. And that’s exactly what we produce. Our founder, Lewis Jones, works closely with expert designers to create eye-catching polo shirts, in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

In our collection you will find classics, textured, as well as printed golf polos- each one masterfully cut and tailored to ensure a polished on-course look.

Vivid Colour Palette

We believe that every golfer has different colour preferences which should be met. So while other brands produce polos in basic, more in-demand colours- we produce golf shirts in a wide range of vivid shades.

You will find stunning uppers in neutral colours like black, grey, white, blue, and black, as well as vivid shades like bright red, zesty orange, neon green, lime, and shocking pink. So if you've ever had trouble finding a top in your desired colour, you should head to our website because there's a 98% chance that you will find a stunning top in your favourite shade on our website.


There is no better feeling than owning golf apparel you can rock off the course as well. We strive to produce clothes that not only help you perform well during a round but also look great when you go out to celebrate your win with friends. Our meticulously crafted golf polo shirts can be paired with jeans for a casual day out or khakis for a more formal date night look.


 Growing up, Lewis Jones believed that golf apparel is extremely overpriced for no valid reason. Determined to change that, in 2014, he started his own brand with focus on producing high quality golf wear at low prices. Today, after gaining thousands of loyal customers world wide, we still take all possible measures to ensure golfers from all walks of life can afford our superior quality apparel. Our  uppers are pocket friendly and can also be bought at discounted prices during sale season.

Positive Reviews And High Rating:  

Advertisement from DRUIDS featuring three customer reviews with a five-star rating. Each review praises the company for attributes like fast delivery, good price, and well-fitting clothes.Our brand has more than 17000 positive reviews and 4.2 star rating on TrustPilot. So in case you are having a hard time believing us, check out what golfers worldwide have to say about the quality of our golf polo shirt.

Here are some of the reviews from our beloved customers. 

Gordon Edwardson: First Class

"The price and quality are first class. I have quite a few more expensive polo's, but Druids are every bit as good at half the price."

Date of experience: 01 October 2023

Trevor Adams: Excellent Value For Money And Great Customer Service 

"I purchased several Polo Shirts and Mid Layers in a sale and was delighted with the quality and value for money." 

Date of experience: 19 September 2023

Mr Lambe: Very pleased with my Druid golf.

"Very pleased with my Druid golf purchases, promptly delivered, and good quality polo tops & mid layer golf tops at a great price.

I was so impressed that I ordered some track bottoms & hoodies for the gym. Also good quality."

Date of experience: 26 September 2023

Last Word:

Being a brand founded by a golf enthusiast, we understand what golfers need to perform well. Our apparel is carefully curated with high performance fabric, equipped with edge cutting technology, and designed to help you stand out from the competition. 

So choose us because you deserve to make a statement on the course- with your apparel and performance.