Why Do Golfers Trust Druids Golf Wear?

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Why Do Golfers Trust Druids Golf Wear?

Trusted by millions across the world, Druids golf wear is ideal for golfers in search of high quality, functional, and affordable golf wear.

A golfer from the back wearing a patterned golf jacket with a logo, holding a golf club, with the text "GOLFERS TRUST DRUIDS GOLF WEAR.


The growing demand for golf apparel has resulted in the expansion of the golf wear industry. Every other brand, with no previous experience in the niche, has launched golf clothing lines, claiming to understand golfers' needs on the course. 


In this chaotic mess, Druids is standing tall with support of its loyal creed of customers, who appreciate high quality and affordable golf apparel. How did a young Scottish brand manage to gain trust of golfers all over the UK? The answer lies in this article, so keep reading. 

Quality Craftsmanship And Durability

Every brand is built on core principles that define its identity and drive its mission. At Druids, those principles are quality craftsmanship, and durability. Since our inception in 2014, we have focused on producing superior quality golf wear that lasts for years. We believe that every stitch, cut, and design detail should not just meet but exceed the customer's expectations. 


The fabric utilised in our golf wear is carefully curated with only the best fibres and goes through a critical screening process to ensure it meets our pre-set standard. Once approved, the fabric is skillfully cut and tailored into the desired product. The scrutiny doesn't just end there- every final product, whether it's a golf polo shirt or a golf cap, undergoes another quality test, and products with minor faults are removed.

Such careful screening ensures that only the best quality products make it to Druids warehouse, from where we deliver them to our customers' doorstep.

Edge Cutting Fabric Technology

A golfer mid-swing wearing a sleek, grey golf jacket with the text "EDGE CUTTING FABRIC TECHNOLOGY" highlighted.

In the world where everything has become highly technical, golfers expect technology in their golf apparel as well. At Druids, we are determined to incorporate edge-cutting technology in all our products. Our experts are always researching and experimenting with new technologies needed to enhance golfers performance on the course. 

Everything from our golf polo shirts and joggers to hoodies and jackets utilise fibres incorporated with innovative technology. Amongst our most loved technical features are four-way stretch and, the four way stretch technology allows golfers to move freely in all directions, making it easy to hit the ball along the target line. The anti-microbial finish, on the other hand, trap and kill odour producing bacteria, keeping golfers smelling fresh all day long.


Fashion Forward Designs 

At Druids, we never go out of style. Our golf apparel is designed to help golfers feel confident on the course and turn heads everywhere they go. We break the norms, set new trends, and most importantly, encourage golfers to be their unapologetic selves and play golf their way. 

Over the last few years, our golf polo shirts have been at the forefront of the fashion revolution. Besides the timeless classic with seamless tailoring, we offer some incredibly stunning graphic designs that help golfers make a bold statement on and off the course. 

Our golf hoodies are not far behind. We launched the first hoodie collection when they were still being frowned upon by golfing police- a risky move that aligned with our mantra of being "unapologetically you." The entire collection was a major hit and helped to build the reputation of a fashion-forward golf wear brand. 

Druids stylish apparel ensures that golfers look fire even on a bad game day. And that's the reason why golfers all over the UK trust us.

Incredibly Versatile

Being a brand run by golf enthusiasts, we at Druids understand that every golfer loves versatile apparel- something they can wear on and off the golf course. Our entire golf wear collection is curated with that in mind. Whether it's a polo shirt, mid-layer, or a golf jacket- every article is functional enough to be worn on the course and stylish enough to be rocked on a night out with friends. The versatility of our golf wear makes us the number one choice of many golf pros and amateurs.  

Easy On The Pocket

A golfer holding a golf ball, focusing on the detailed belt and stylish patterned shirt with the text "EASY ON THE POCKET."

Golf has long been seen as a sport for the rich, with its equipment and clothing carrying hefty price tags. At Druids, we are determined to change that forever. Our founder, Lewis Jones, believes that everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background, should have the opportunity to enjoy the game. Embracing his vision, we produce golf wear that is high quality yet affordable.


While other golf wear brands focus on maximising profits, we focus on strategies that help keep the prices low and quality high. Besides lower prices, we also offer great deals and discounts. 

Our incredibly low prices have earned us the reputation of a “discount golf wear store.” Golfers of all backgrounds and ages love our products and shop without the fear of breaking the bank. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Every golfer appreciates a brand that listens, understands, and values their needs. At Druids, we go above and beyond our power to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products and delivery service. 

We offer a live chat option on our website where golfers can inquire about our products or lodge a complaint regarding quality or size issues. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and respond to all messages within 20 minutes. We also actively respond to customer queries and complaints on social media.

4.2 Star Rating On Druids TrustPilot:

A graphic design showcasing an abstract pattern with the text "TRUSTED REVIEWS EXCELLENT Over 10,000 Reviews on Trustpilot" and a five-star rating.

The authenticity of the brand is best gauged by its customers' organic reviews. When quality and customer service are up to par, people talk about it and post positive reviews online, urging others to try out their products.  

Druids has always been very fortunate in this regard. Our loyal customers want us to grow bigger and play their part by sharing their positive shopping experience with others. On Druids Trustpilot, we have more than seventeen thousand reviews and a 4.2-star rating. 

Here are some reviews that show why golfers always shop at Druids: 

Simon Hudson 

Location: US

Superb Customer Service.

Customer Service is excellent. I've ordered a lot of golf merchandise from DRUIDS over 2 years. I had an issue over some quality with golf shoes. DRUIDS did not argue at all about it and gave me a credit note without contest. They are remarkably customer-friendly. And I rate their products highly. I will be ordering again and it is not necessary to pay the prices of the top brands.

Date of experience: October 09, 2023

Gordon Edwardson

Location: Great Britain

First Class

The price and quality is first-class. I have quite a few more expensive golf polos but Druids are every bit as good at half the price. 

Date of experience: October 01, 2023

Robert Semple

Location: Great Britain 

Faultless Service Would Highly Recommend It

Have been buying from these guys for some time now and they always a great product along with amazing service even with a return I had to make due to size error on my end, they had it back in the post within 72 hours to me.

Date of experience: September 28, 2023

Peter Chidgy

Location: Great Britain

Amazing Quality & Price

From the t-shirts, polos, joggers, fleeces, jackets, and anything I've missed, all are great quality, fit, and price. It's my go-to shop for everything Golf. 

Recommended to everyone

Date of experience: September 28, 2023

Greg Bishop

Location: United States 

Better Than Expected 

Everything arrived as ordered. This was my first Druid purchase, which always makes me sceptical. The quality appears to be outstanding. This will be a product I recommend to golf buddies.

Date of experience: September 29, 2023


At Druids, our goal is to produce golf apparel that enhances golfer’s experience on the course. We use the best fabrics and pass our products through several screenings to ensure they meet our quality standards.

The reason behind our success is that we believe there is always room for improvement. Our team works hard and researches day and night methods to improve golf wear and reduce prices. 

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