Learn All About Druids Trendy Golf Jumpers 2023

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Learn All About Druids Trendy Golf Jumpers 2023

Trending for the superior quality, edge-cutting technology, and drool-worthy designs, Druids golf jumpers are a must-have for winter season.

Promotional banner for Druids featuring the text 'Learn all about Druids trendy golf jumpers 2023' in bold white letters against a textured teal background, highlighting the upcoming collection.

Gone are the days when golfers had to wear boring, ill-fitting sweaters to stay warm during a chilly round. Druids' newly launched golf midlayers jumper and golf hoodie men’s collection is designed to keep the core at optimal temperature while enhancing the golfer's overall appearance.

Trending for their superior quality, edge-cutting technology, and drool-worthy designs, here’s everything you need to know about Druids’ hottest golf jumpers of the season.

Blaze Hoodie

A man modeling the Druids Blaze Hoodie in bright red with a full hood and front pocket, the word 'BLAZE HOODIE' in large white letters to the side, set against a teal textured background.Sizes: Small to 3XL.
Colours: Black, White, Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Grey

Druids Blaze Hoodie is perfect for golfers searching for a low-profile yet stylish top for winter. Crafted with 100% polyester, Blaze Hoodie traps heated air particles close to the golfer’s body and provides complete protection from the cold. The hoodie is thick yet lightweight and equipped with four-way stretch technology to allow complete freedom of movement on the golf course.

To ensure golfers feel confident while playing a round, Blaze Hoodie has also been equipped with antimicrobial technology. The anti-microbial technology prevents odour in ambient conditions by trapping odour-producing bacteria and neutralising it. So when wearing Druids Blaze Hoodie, the golfer doesn’t just look and play well but also feels confident and fresh. 

Embossed Hoodie

Druids Embossed Hoodie showcased by a model, a black hoodie with distinctive embossed branding, accompanied by white text 'EMBOSSED HOODIE' on a matching teal backdrop.Sizes: Small to 3XL.
Colours: Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Khaki, Bottle Green, Red

Druids Embossed Hoodie is a super simple and classy option with an on-trend embossed “D” logo across the chest. The high-performance golf jumper is made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex, assuring superior comfort and functionality on the golf course. 

The unique weaving technology utilised in the production of Embossed Hoodie traps heated air particles and creates an insulating layer to prevent the cold from seeping through. The moisture-wicking technology keeps sweat in check and keeps the golfer cosy and comfortable throughout the round. For freedom of movement, the Embossed Hoodie is equipped with four-way stretch technology and tailored with anti-chafe seams. All these features together allow golfers to focus solely on their game and give their best performance every time.

The Embossed Hoodie with its flattering fit and comfortable feel is the perfect pick for fashion forward golfers. It can be worn to play a round of golf on a chilly day or paired with casual pants for a night out with friends. 

Players Knitted Midlayer 

A man wearing Druids' knitted midlayer in salmon pink with a zip neck, displayed with 'PLAYERS KNITTED MIDLAYER' in bold white font, against a teal and blue watercolor background.Sizes: Small to 4XL.
Colour: Black, White, Blue, Grey, Navy Blue, Coral Red, Lemon Yellow.

The quarter zip Players Knitted Midlayer is a stunning piece made for golfers who demand warmth and style on the greens. The wool blend exterior and the brushed interior make the golf mid layer perfect for cold game days. It feels incredibly soft against the skin and keeps golfers warm by creating an insulating layer of heated air particles close to the skin. 

The high breathability and wool’s natural ability to wick moisture ensures that the golfer stays dry throughout the round and prevents overheating by regulating body temperature.  The Players Knitted Midlayer also offers just the right amount of stretch needed to move the arms freely and swing like a pro. 

Featuring a metallic zipper and contrasting Druids logo on the nape of the neck -this midlayer is a must-have for a polished on-course look. 

Men’s Ultra Fit Hoodie 

Druids Men’s Ultra Fit Hoodie modeled in light gray, featuring a form-fitting design and the brand logo, with text 'MEN’S ULTRA FIT HOODIE' in bold white letters on a vibrant teal backdrop.Sizes: Small to 4XL
Colours: Black, Black Flek, Grey, Blue, Navy Blue, Lime Flek, Khaki Flek

The Ultra Fit Hoodie is our fastest-selling golf jumper of the season for all the best reasons. Crafted with 83% polyester and 17% spandex, the Ultra Fit Hoodie ensures warmth and moves with you through every part of the swing. A cracking choice for golfers who prefer versatile apparel, this super soft hoodie with a brushed interior can be worn on its own or layered over a base layer for greater warmth. The Men’s Ultra Fit Hoodie also boasts anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth of odour producing bacteria even in ambient conditions, allowing golfers to feel fresh and confident throughout the round. With its flattering fit and featuring a reflective embossed ”D” logo, this golf jumper ensures you look smart and play smarter. 

Lightweight Midlayer

A male model wearing a black lightweight midlayer from Druids, with a half-zip neck and slim fit, the words 'LIGHTWEIGHT MIDLAYER' in white text overlay on a teal background.Sizes: Small to 4XL
Colours: Black, Black Flek, White, Grey, Blue, Blue Flek, Navy Blue, Red.

Nothing feels better than wearing a jumper that provides warmth without weighing you down. Our Lightweight Jumper is carefully curated with revolutionary technologies to ensure that exactly. Made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it is an ideal choice for golfers who aren’t a big fan of thick jumpers. It feels light as a feather and works by trapping heated air particles close to the body to keep your core at an ideal temperature. Boasting advanced moisture-wicking technology and an anti-microbial finish, the Light Hoodie assures the golfer stays dry and smells fresh all day long.

Pro Tech Hybrid Hoodie

The Druids Pro Tech Hybrid Hoodie in blue and red options, with quilted upper panels for added warmth, and the text 'PRO TECH HYBRID HOODIE' in bold white lettering on a teal background.Sizes: Small to 4XL
Colours: Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Khaki, Red

The Pro Tech Hybrid Hoodie is designed to make golfers look cool while protecting them from the elements on the golf course. The unique fabric together with high loft padding on the front prevents cold wind from seeping through and warms up the core for a cosy experience. The moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology further enhance comfort, allowing the wearer to focus on hitting birdies. For unrestricted movement, Pro Tech Hybrid Hoodie has been equipped with our signature four-way stretch technology- meaning it allows golfers to stretch, bend, flex, and swing the club freely and comfortably. 

Last Word

Druids golf wear is designed with meticulous care and attention in Scotland a.k.a the heart of golf. Everything we produce is as per the latest trends in golf fashion and allows our wearer to look good and feel confident on the course. So head to our website and shop not only for the best golf jumpers but also polo shirts, jackets, and golf rain gear at affordable prices.