What Is iGolf? How Does It Work?

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What Is iGolf? How Does It Work?

iGolf is a revolutionary online platform allowing non-club members to obtain and maintain an Official Handicap Index under WHS.


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What Is iGolf? How Does It Work?


For the longest time, the golfers privileged enough to buy a golf club membership could obtain an official handicap index. The golfing world had a resolute stance on this matter, firmly declaring that access to an official handicap index is an exclusive benefit for those who hold memberships at prestigious golf clubs.


However, in the summer of 2021, things changed when England Golf, the governing body for amateur golfers in England, launched an online platform called iGolf. What is this online platform, and how has it changed the golfing world forever? Let's find out. 


What Is iGolf

iGolf is a subscription-based online platform created by England Golf, the only authorised handicapping body for the World Handicap System (WHS) in England. The purpose of this platform is to provide non-golf club members with the same opportunities as the club members. 


Any golfer, expert or amateur, can subscribe to iGolf and start inputting their scores to track performance and obtain an official Golf Handicap Index, just like a regular golf club member. Besides being able to track their performance, the iGolf subscribers also get Personal Liability Insurance from Marsh Sport, discounts on green fees, club memberships, and open club competitions. 


Why Was iGolf Founded?

Growth Of Golf In England

The primary purpose of iGolf is to promote the game amongst people of all ages and increase participation. Statistically speaking, more than 2.3 million golfers in England play the sport once in a while. The reason behind their lack of participation is that they do not have any motivation to play regularly or do better. 


England Golf officials believe that by giving these non-golf club members discounts on green fees and a chance to obtain their handicap golf index, a positive change will be seen soon. After discovering their handicap index, they will feel the urge to improve it and head to the grounds to practise their game more often. 

Increased Sales At Greens, Clubhouses, & Pro Shops

The growth of golf in England will positively impact the entire golfing ecosystem. An increase in the number of golfers will lead to higher demand for tee times at golf courses, leading to more bookings and more revenue for golf courses. 


The growth of the golf community will also increase the traffic at clubhouses as more golfers will gather before and after rounds for dining and refreshments. The Pro Shops will also see increased sales due to higher demand for golf clubs, balls, golf clothes, and other golfing gear.

An Important Route To Golf Club Membership

While many believe that iGolf has replaced club memberships, the masterminds behind the platform think otherwise. The inventors of iGolf believe that by playing at various golf courses, seeing the advantage of golfing regularly, and experiencing the golf club life, non-club members will feel tempted to sign up for membership.  


Besides that, iGolf has also given England Golf better access to the golfing community in the country. They can now launch campaigns through the platform to illustrate the benefits of getting a golf club membership. 


It seems like their plan is slowly but surely working because the findings of the iGolf’s governing body revealed that over 6000 golfers who joined England Golf's iGolf handicap scheme have gotten club membership.

Revenue Generated Is Reinvested

To get an iGolf subscription, a golfer has to pay £44 yearly. The England Golf Organisation invests this money into the game by financially supporting various golf clubs and golfing facilities in the country. 


An estimate reveals that within the next 5 years, iGolf will have over 125,000 subscribers, generating an annual income of £5 million. Imagine using all this money to promote the game in England. It will definitely have a positive impact on the golfing community. 

How To Get an iGolf Subscription?

Getting an iGolf subscription is super easy. All you need to do is go to the England Golf iGolf website and click "Join Now". The website will direct you to the iGolf Sign Up Page, where you have to fill in the details required by the system. 


Once you enter the details, the website will ask for your payment details and charge you £44 for a year-long subscription. After successful payment, you will receive a 'Welcome' email with details containing a unique lifelong membership number. If you were previously a club member and already have a membership number, you will need to provide this during the sign-up process.


Next, you have to download the MyEG App by searching for "My England Golf" or "My EG" in your app store. It is available for Apple as well as Android. Log in to the app using your membership number and password. Viola, all done! Upon successful sign-in, you can start submitting your scores for handicap purposes via the app, and soon you will get your iGolf handicap index. 

Last Word:

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, subscribing to iGolf is the best thing you can do. It is the gateway to a world of golfing opportunities and exclusive benefits. 


For a small annual fee of £44, you can record and track your score from anywhere in the world. You also get an official Handicap Index, Personal Liability Insurance, discounts on green fees, club memberships, and open club competitions. 

So what are you waiting for? If you live in England, grab this opportunity to grow as a golfer while also benefiting the entire golfing ecosystem.