Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Druids Technology Packed Midlayer Collection

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Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Druids Technology Packed Midlayer Collection

The secret to peak performance is a mid layer designed to get you through changing weather. From lightweight golf jumpers and breathable gym sweatshirts to hooded track tops, Druids offers a wide range of high-tech mid layers to help golfers unleash their true potential.


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A mid layer is like the unsung hero of every golfer player’s wardrobe. It is concealed by the outer and inner layers and discreetly performs its task of trapping heat and wicking sweat for a pleasant experience during chilly weather. It doesn't matter how cold the temperature is, with an insulated mid layer, you can conquer it all without feeling hindered in any way. 

The problem, however, is that it’s not easy to find the perfect, high performance mid layer. Not every golf mid layer you see online will carry out the functions it is intended to. So, it is important to pick one that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the sport you play and has good reviews online. At Druids, we offer a range of mid layer options that incorporate advanced fabrics and technologies to ensure maximum performance and comfort. The best part is that our mid layers are customised to meet the unique demands of golfers

What Makes Druids Mid Layers So Special?

Druids is a British/Scottish sportswear brand that aims to make innovative and edge-cutting sportswear accessible to all. A decade of experience in the golfwear business has given us a clear vision of what golf lovers seek in their apparel. Using that information, we have successfully curated an extensive mid layer collection for golf. Our mid layers are special because of the quality of materials used and the attention to detail in their designs. All our articles provide optimal thermal insulation while being lightweight enough to let you move comfortably. 

Besides being functional, our mid layers- whether it's a 1/4th zip top or a hooded jumper, are super trendy and versatile. You can wear them solo while training or layer them up when the temperature drops. And let's not forget the love and appreciation they get from renowned sports stars and regular customers. Our mid layers are so versatile that legendary boxer and reality t.v star Aaron Chalmers tried them on and instantly fell in love with their quality, stretch, and style. Our brand also enjoys a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot and has many positive reviews on other sites. All this love and support proves that Druids offer high-quality, stylish, and unique golf wear- especially mid layers.


Druids Best-Selling Mid Layers: The Ultimate Layering Solution For Cold Weather  

High quality golf apparel has always been ridiculously expensive and unapproachable for normal salaried individuals. At Druids, we are determined to change that forever. Since our inception, we have focused on manufacturing high quality and affordable golf apparel for men, women, and kids. From golf base layers and golf socks to golf accessories - we have everything a golfer needs to enhance their performance on the golf course. Our golf wear, especially mid layers are loved by people all across Europe.

Men’s Golf Mid Layer & Golf Jumpers

Druids offers a wide range of golf mid layers and jumpers that insulate without hindering the golfer’s swing. Here are all the articles from the collection that we love as much as our loyal customers. 

Men’s Ultra Blend Golf Midlayer

Colours: Black, White, Blue, Navy, Charcoal, Purple, Royal, Forest Green, Sky, Red, Flek Charcoal 
Size: Small to 4XL


If you are searching for a golf mid layer pullover, Druids Ultra Blend is the one for you. This synthetic mid layer is made with double knit jersey fabric and equipped with four-way stretch technology. You can wear it solo or pair it with a base layer. The Ultra Blend golf mid layer feels incredibly soft, offers excellent warmth, and insulates against the cold without feeling stuffy. All these features paired with Ultra Blend's anti-microbial finish and trendy design make it one of the best golf winter wear on the market. 


Men's Micro Sport 1/4th Zip

Colours: Grey, Navy, Black, Blue, Green
Size: Small to 3XL

The Men's Micro Sport 1/4th Zip mid layer is our top pick for golfers who like to look as good as they play. The high-performance nylon and spandex blend makes the mid layer an ideal layering option for cold mornings and frosty evenings. It is lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking, and insulating. The inner side of Micro Sport 1/4th zip mid layer prevents heated air particles from escaping and ensures complete protection against the chill. The mid layer offers a flattering fit and stunning stripe detailing, making it our customers' favourite.

Player’s Knitted Mid layer

Colours: Blue, Black, Navy, Coral, White, Denim, Grey
Sizes: Small to 4XL

Player’s Knitted Mid layer is the latest and most versatile article in our golf mid layer collection. Crafted with the best wool blends available in the market today, this golf mid layer looks and feels amazing on your skin. The soft brush interior allows maximum comfort with the acrylic stretch properties ensuring freedom of movement to help you ace your next golf game. Best part is, the sleek design of our mid layer which makes it stand out on and off the golf course. So if you are searching for a trendy golf mid layer for the upcoming winter season, our Player’s knitted mid is best for you. 

Lightweight Mid Layer

Colours:  Navy, Navy Flek, Blue, Blue Flek, Black, Black Flek, Grey, White
Sizes: Small to 4XL

If you want a mid layer that will keep up with your every move, Druids Lightweight Mid layer is one for you. Made with a premium blend of polyester and 10% spandex, this versatile garment allows you to stretch, bend, and twist in any way imaginable. Add to this, the high breathability rating and moisture wicking ability which makes the Lightweight Mid layer worth every penny it costs. 

Ultra Blend 2.0 Midlayer

Colours: Charcoal, Navy, Grey, Blue, Black, Red, Khaki
Sizes: Small to 4XL

Ultra Blend 2.0 is the mid layer you need to keep the cold out on a freezing morning while still looking stylish. The fabric blend utilised in its production offers complete freedom of movement and enhances durability. The article is also equipped with moisture-wicking technology that ensures comfort during the most intense matches. Ultra Blend 2.0 is perfect for men who like to look laid back yet stylish. It offers a minimalist design with Druids logo to give you a touch of style without making you feel over the top. The best part? Ultra Blend 2.0 Midlayer is machine washable and looks as good as new even after several washes. 


Essential Mid Layer

Colours:  Blue, Black, Red, Charcoal, Grey, Navy
Sizes: Small to 4XL

The Essential mid layer is a timeless classic created with performance bonded fabrics lined with brushed fleece. It feels incredibly soft against the skin and offers all the warmth you need to stay warm on the golf course and outdoor runs. The fleece mid layer boasts innovative construction that helps you loosen up quickly before an important race, allowing you to run like a champion without pulling a muscle. Finished with a 1/4th contrasting zip and reflective embossed "D" signature print, the Essential track top is a great mid layer choice for those who like versatile clothing. 

Ultra Tech Stretch Mid layer

Colours: White, Navy, Black, Khaki, Grey
Sizes: Small to 4XL 

The Ultra Tech Mid Layer is made from a unique fleece-lined polyester fabric that keeps you warm and comfortable in any weather. The innovative mid layer is created by stitching together four sections of cloth, making it remarkably stretchable so you can push your limits and conquer your fitness goals without any hindrance. The Ultra Tech Mid layer also boasts seamless tailoring, contrasting zipper, and Druids branding on the left collar and back which makes you look good while you’re working hard to achieve your goals.

Urban Full Zip Training Top

Colours: White/Grey, Navy/Grey, Khaki/Grey, Black/Grey, Blue/Grey, Red/Grey
Sizes: Small to 4XL

Love mid layers with some colour blocking? You've found the perfect one. The Urban Full Zip Mid layer uses an outstanding polyester and spandex blend that allows you to swing your arms, stretch, and bend unhindered. The article is breathable and rapidly wicks sweat for a comfortable golfing and workout experience. The full zip makes the mid layer easy to layer and remove, making it perfect for wearing during warm-ups or cool-downs. In short, this men's top has everything from style to functionality a fitness enthusiast looks for.


Duo Blend Mid Layer

Colours: Black, Red, Khaki, Navy, Blue
Sizes: Small to 4XL

Druids men's mid layers exceptional performance and style, but this midlayer surpasses them all. The warmth, comfort, and stretch this article is outclass. It allows you to give your 100% on the golf course without feeling hampered or uncomfortable. The anti-microbial finish of the article works wonders at controlling foul odour and keeps you smelling fresh all day. Lastly, let's appreciate the simple and classy design of the Duo Blend Mid layer that makes it wearable on and off the golf course. So if you are searching for a versatile track top, this one is perfect for you. 


Women's Golf Mid layers

Just like men, female golfers deserve golf wear that is high quality, affordable and trendy. Druids mid layer collection for women is designed with a lot of thought into what a fashion-forward golf lover would be interested in. Below are the pieces that are a must-have for the winter season.


Ladies Toulouse Full Zip Midlayer

Colours: Mint, Navy, Pink, Blue, Grey
Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16


Ladies Toulouse Full Zip Mid layer offers everything a female golfer looks for in a jumper. First of all, it comes in five super trendy shades that you can pair with any outfit to elevate the look. The lightweight construction, along with the enhanced stretchability of the article, allows dynamic movement and flexibility during the golf swing, ensuring maximum performance on the course. The Toulouse Full Zip Mid layer also provides excellent insulation to keep you warm in cooler weather while wicking away moisture for a dry and comfortable experience. The best bit is you can also rock mid layer on a casual day out.


Ladies Helsinki Hoody

Colours: Black, Navy, White
Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

Helsinki is a high-performance insulating mid layer ideal for ladies who like to keep it smart and simple. The jumper is crafted with unique brushed polyester to create an article that has a smooth surface on both sides and is very flexible. This mid layer is comfortable to wear and easy to move in. The stand-out feature of the Helsinki mid layer is its incredible fit that elevates the look while allowing the freedom of movement one needs to ace the game. 

Kids Golf Mid Layers

If your little one loves to play golf in winter, dress them up in Druids kids apparel as it guarantees warmth and comfort. Here is the super affordable and durable mid layer that you will not regret buying for your golf champ.


Kids Fleece Storm Jumper

Colours: Blue/Navy, Charcoal/Red, Black/Grey
Sizes: 6 To 14 years 


Druids Fleece Storm golf jumper is the best thing you can buy for your young golf master. It is created with a unique fabric that is gentle against the little one's sensitive skin and provides protection against harsh weather conditions. The 1/4th zip feature makes it easy to put on, and the stylish design with contrasting details and embroidered Druids logo adds a touch of sophistication to your child's golf outfit. 


Golf hoodies may be a little controversial, but modern golfers are determined to make them a part of golf apparel. In fact, Tyrrell Hatton, an English golfer, wore hoodies throughout the European Tour's flagship event and ended up winning it. Tyrrell’s victory has made golf hoodies acceptable in several golf courses in England and many others plan on making it a part of their dress code. 

So if this winter, stay warm and look woke on the course with Druids golf hoodies. The best part is, all our hoodies are multi purpose. You can rock them on the golf course, at the gym, or casually.

The Big D Hoodie

Colours: Khaki, Navy, Black, Blue, Grey
Sizes: Small to 4XL


If you are looking for extra warmth and comfort while playing golf outdoors, Druids Big D Hoodie is a must-have. The fleece-lined men's golf jumper is crafted in a way that ensures complete mobility & flexibility while keeping the cold at bay. With Druids Big D Hoodie, sweat is no longer a distraction as it offers a high breathability rating and moisture-wicking ability that keeps you dry till the end of the game. The attention to detail in the tailoring of the Big D hoodie is awe-inspiring, from the snug cuffs and hem to the well-placed pockets- it has everything. It won't be wrong to say that this article will elevate any golf player's wardrobe.

Champion’s Hoodie

Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Charcoal, Grey, Navy
Sizes: Small to 3XL

Whether you're a seasoned PGA player or a beginner starting to find your footing on the golf course, the Champion's Hoodie from Druids is a game-changer. This hoodie boasts a premium-quality blend of polyester and spandex that provides the ultimate combination of comfort, durability, and flexibility. Its sleek and stylish design adds a touch of elegance to your golf ensemble, while its breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you feeling cool and dry no matter how intense the game gets. With the Champion's Hoodie, you'll be able to focus on your game and emerge victorious every time you step onto the course. 

Platinum Hoodie

Colours: Navy, Black, Blue, Royal, Grey, Grey Flek, Lime, Red, Orange, Grey Marl 
Sizes: Small to 3XL


Platinum, a hooded gym jumper, is the perfect blend of functionality and style. The article boasts high-performance elastane and polyester construction, making it lightweight, highly breathable, stretchable, and incredibly warm. So when wearing it on the golf course, you enjoy the warmth and freedom of movement without feeling bulky. The Platinum hoodie, embossed with a reflective print, contrasting cuffs, and prominent front pockets is an excellent choice for those who wish to look good while swinging the club.


Men's Ultra Fit Hoodie

 Colours: Navy, Black, Black Flek, Blue Flek, Grey, Khaki Flek, Lime Flek 
Sizes: Small to 4XL 


The Men's Ultra Fit Hoodie is amongst Druids best-selling men's golf jumpers. The high-performance bonded fabrics utilised in this hoodie make it highly durable and stretchable. On the inner side, the Ultra Fit hoodie is lined with soft brushed fleece that feels incredibly comfortable against the skin and provides warmth. The high breathability and moisture-wicking technologies are an added plus, as they allow you to enjoy your workout sessions to the fullest without feeling stuffy or bulky. 


Full Zip Flek Hoodie 

Colours: Grey, Black, Navy, Khaki
Sizes: Small to 3XL


If you are a fan of lightweight mid layers that are easy to layer and take off- Druids Full Zip Flek Hoodie is for you. The Flek Hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable till the 19th hole. The unique fabric blend utilised in the production of this article allows air to pass through and rapidly draws sweat away from the skin, allowing you to focus on acing the game without getting distracted by sweat build-up. Full Zip Flek is not only functional but also super trendy. It is designed with great attention to minute details including, contrasting zip, reflective strings, drawstring cords, and seamless stitching.  

Sprint Hoodie

Colours: Red, Navy, Black, Grey, Blue
Sizes: Small to 3XL


Sprint hoodie is an incredibly versatile article in our mid layer collection. It not only makes ideal golf wear but also looks perfect on the track. As the name suggests, Sprint Hoodie is crafted to help you sprint or run better in the cold. Being lightweight and stretchable, this hoodie lets you enjoy your golf game and also enjoy your morning run without weighing you down or restricting movements. You may wear it on your skin, or layer it over your base layer or running top for complete protection against the cold and wind.

The Small D Hoodie 

Colours: Navy, Grey, Khaki, Blue, Black
Sizes: Small to 4XL


The Small D Hoodie is a game-changer for any person who enjoys a laid back look. Made from high-quality fabric, it perfectly balances breathability and warmth to ensure you stay comfortable during those intense workouts. The hoodie's snug fit and stretchable material allows unrestricted movement. The sleek design and striking colour options make it stand out from the crowd and the durable construction ensures that it lasts for ages.


In winter, playing golf in a sweatshirt is the best decision you can make. Druids golf sweatshirts can be worn as the only layer or mid layer. So if versatile apparel is your weakness, do check them out. Amongst the most loved golf sweatshirts by Druids are:


Tech Crew Sweatshirt

Colours: Black, Grey, Navy, Khaki 
Sizes: Small to 3XL 


Druids Tech Crew Sweatshirt is designed to keep you warm and comfortable while you lounge around or carry out your daily chores. The lightweight fabric of the casual mid layer jumper allows for unhindered movements, making it an excellent choice for men who like to play golf or workout in their casual clothes. So, it is safe to say that the Tech Crewneck Sweatshirt is a must-have for those who love versatile clothes

Double Logo Sweatshirt 

Colours: Black, Navy, Grey
Sizes: Small to 3XL


Double Logo men's golf jumper deserves a spot in every golf enthusiast’s  wardrobe. The A-class fabric and thick fleece lining make the crew neck shirt warm and comfortable. Whether you wear it solo or as a mid-layer, you enjoy a sweat-free & unrestricted workout session while looking chic. 

Simple Crew Sweatshirt 

Colours: Navy, Khaki, Grey, Black, White
Sizes: Small to 3XL


Druids Simple Crew Sweatshirt is the epitome of style and comfort. The high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable during intense play, while the minimalist design gives you a sleek and stylish look. The exceptional tailoring and fit of the sweatshirt provide maximum mobility and flexibility, allowing you to move effortlessly during your swings and serves. So whether you're a professional or amateur golf player looking to elevate your game- Druids Simple Crew Sweatshirt is perfect for you. 

Last Word:

With these innovative pieces of clothing, you'll never have to compromise style for functionality or vice versa. Whether you're playing golf, hitting the gym, or running a marathon, these mid layers will keep you comfortable, warm, and dry while allowing you to move freely and without restriction. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your winter wardrobe today with these top-of-the-line mid layers from Druids.


Why is mid layer a crucial part of the layering system?

A mid layer is a piece of clothing that offers insulation against the cold and regulates body temperature, allowing the wearer to focus on what he's doing without getting distracted by the chilly weather or winds. Mid layers also have an incredible moisture-wicking ability that keeps the wearer dry even after physically exerting himself. 


How tight should a mid layer be?

A midlayer should fit the body snugly to prevent the body heat from escaping but at the same time, it should have enough room to accommodate a compressive base layer underneath. 


How to choose the perfect midlayer?

The first step to choosing the perfect mid layer is to consider the activity you'll be doing and the conditions you'll be in. The fabric of the mid layer must be lightweight, insulating, breathable, and moisture-wicking. As far as the fit is concerned, an ideal mid layer must hug the body snugly. Anything too tight or loose can hinder proper movements and impact your performance.


What is moisture wicking technology? 

Moisture wicking technology is a type of fabric technology, designed to pull moisture away from human skin and transfer it to the outer layer of the garment for rapid evaporation. High quality sportswear is usually equipped with moisture wicking technology as it helps them stay dry even after strenuous physical activity. 


What is double bonded performance fabric? 

Double bonded performance fabric is a type of technical fabric that is engineered for athletic and active wear. It is made by bonding two layers of fabric together with a layer of insulation in between. This bonding process creates a material that is durable, flexible, and highly breathable, while also providing additional warmth and protection from the elements.


How does Druids manage to keep the sportswear high quality yet affordable? 

Druids manages to keep the prices of its sportswear low by following direct to consumer sale method. We do not depend on middle men or third party retailers to sell our products- this gives us better control on our pricing and helps us deliver high quality products at low costs to you.