Druids X Aaron Chalmers: A Sportswear Collection Designed For Men Who Never Quit

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Druids X Aaron Chalmers: A Sportswear Collection Designed For Men Who Never Quit

Athletes are a fitness inspiration for millions around the globe. People idolise their favourite sports players and wish to align themselves with their values and styles. This crazy following has given rise to the popularity of athlete-endorsed sportswear.

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Druids X Aaron Chalmers: A Sportswear Collection Designed For Men Who Never Quit


Nowadays, hundreds of sportswear collections are released every year featuring collaborations between sportswear brands and famous athletes. It may sound appealing, but the truth is that these never ending collaborations are vague. The initial concept of making sportswear inspired by an athlete's unique traits is lost and has evolved into a mere marketing strategy.  

It is hard to find a collaborative collection that is authentic, high quality, and affordable at the same time. But worry not! Druids is here to save the day. The brand has recently paired with the charismatic boxing superstar Aaron Chalmers for the most anticipated sportswear collection of 2023. 

What To Expect From Druids x Aaron Chalmers Collaboration?

What To Expect From Druids x Aaron Chalmers Collaboration

What happens when two experts in their respective fields join forces? They brainstorm, share ideas, and work together to create something groundbreaking, right? Well, that's exactly what you should expect from the D x A collaboration.

Druids is a renowned sportswear brand producing innovative and high performance apparel for athletes who strive for success. Every article manufactured at Druids uses premium quality fabrics and edge cutting technologies to ensure comfort and functionality. The brand's commitment to crafting trendy and practical products gives it an edge over its competitors.

On the other hand, Aaron Chalmers is a British boxer, retired mixed martial artist, and reality television star. His dedication to the sport and impressive fighting skills have earned him recognition and praise from fans and fellow athletes. 

Aaron, known for his do-or-die strategy in the boxing ring, is a force to be reckoned with. No matter how many setbacks or challenges come his way, the ring champ stands tall and faces them with courage. Out of the ring, Aaron is equally inspiring. His charismatic personality and unique fashion sense make him a role model for all young men. 

Together Druids and Aaron Chalmers have produced a collection that is a perfect blend of their best traits. Every article in this collection takes inspiration from Aaron Chamlers' fashion sense and do-or-die strategy and combines it with Druids' aim to make high quality, innovative, and affordable sportswear.


In short, you can expect this collection to make you stand out from the crowd and inspire you to become a better sportsperson.

What Does the DxA sportswear collection have to offer?

What Does the D X A sportswear collection have to offer

DxA collection offers high-quality, performance-oriented clothing designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The collection features a range of products, including baselayers, jumpers, t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, shorts, and ribbed socks - all made with the finest materials and advanced technologies to ensure maximum comfort, mobility, and durability.


Base layers:


DxA base layers are designed to offer complete protection against cold weather. The fabric utilised for the tops and bottoms is lightweight and feels incredibly soft against the skin. 


Being the first layer of clothing on the skin, the base layer comes in direct contact with sweat. DxA base layers keep the sweat problem under control with their ultra-modern moisture-wicking technology.


These base layers also offer compression to the athletes' muscles so they do not feel sore after a tiring day. Lastly, since Aaron believes that the best sportswear is easy to care for, Druids has made these base layers machine washable


Available in sizes ranging from small to 2XL, DxA thermal base layers make the perfect choice for athletes who train outdoors, even in cold temperatures. 



The DxA midlayers are the epitome of performance and style. These articles are crafted with unique fabric blends to meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts. DxA midlayer traps heated air in its micro pockets to keep its users warm and prevent cold air from seeping through it. 


All midlayers have a sleek, form-fitting design and seamlessly integrate into any athlete's layering system. The best part about these midlayers is that they offer excellent insulation and fit without compromising breathability or stretchability. They are highly versatile and can be worn solo on a hot day or layered for warmth in colder weather. 

Albatross midlayer, equipped with smart antimicrobial and moisture wicking technology, is one of a kind. The article has three stunning variants of two toned fabrics that one can wear for sports or casual lounging. 


Colours: Grey, Black, Navy.

Sizes: Small to 4XL.

  • Men’s Ultra Fit Midlayer

The Ultra Fit Midlayer is a single-toned midlayer designed for athletes who like to blend in. The article is constructed with a smart poly-span fabric blend and lined with fleece for complete protection. 


Colour: Blue, Black, Grey, Navy, Red.

Sizes: Small to 4XL



DxA collection consists of four different types of t-shirts- each being the perfect hybrid of Druids and Aaron Chalmers' characteristics. All the shirts are manufactured with performance fabric that allows four way stretch and wicks moisture to ensure maximum comfort and mobility during physical activities. In addition to their performance-enhancing features, these t-shirts have stylish designs and come in various colours to suit every athlete's style

  • Gym T-shirt

The Gym t-shirt is the perfect pick for individuals who love versatile apparel. The incredibly soft shirt is made with 100% pure cotton and is ideal for gym and lounging. 


Colours: Black, White, Red, Navy, Grey, Charcoal, and Blue.

Sizes: Small to 3XL.

  • Men’s Flek Stretch Sports T-shirt

These lightweight sports t-shirts are a perfect addition to any athlete’s wardrobe. The Flek Stretch t-shirts are highly breathable and equipped with the QuickDry feature that keeps the user dry even after a rigorous workout.


Colours: Black, White, Red, Navy, Grey, Charcoal, Blue, Orange, Teal, Pink

Sizes: Small to 2XL.

  • Men’s Perforated Sports T-shirt

This men’s perforated sports T-shirt has a perforated fabric that offers high breathability and ensures a pleasant on-field experience by keeping the athlete cool and dry all day. 


Colours: Black, White, Red, Navy, Grey, Charcoal, Blue, Khaki, Midnight

Sizes: Small to 2XL.

  • Camo Sports T-shirt

The camo sports t-shirt is a lightweight tee constructed with fabric that offers high breathability. The shirt is also equipped with QuickDry technology and has a reflective element that ensures safety in the dark. 


Colours: Black, White, Navy, Grey, Blue.

Sizes: Small to 2XL.



DxA sports hoodies are an ideal mixture of style and performance. Designed with fashion-forward yet laid back athletes in mind, these hoodies offer a relaxed fit that compliments every body type. 


The highly functional polyester and spandex fabric blend provides warmth, feels soft against the skin, and ensures flexibility during intense workout sessions. The hoodies also have high breathability and an anti-odour finish that keeps the user fresh even after hours of training. 


The attention to detail and drool worthy colour palette make DxA hoodies ideal for athletes who wish to stand out. These statement pieces, inspired by Aaron Chalmers' charismatic personality, turn heads and make people stare in awe. 

  • Full Zip Flek Hoodie

As the name indicates, the Full Zip Flek Hoodie has a zip that runs from top to bottom- making it a perfect layering option for unpredictable weather. The inner fleece lining makes the jacket incredibly soft and keeps the user warm during outdoor sports. 


Colours: Khaki, Grey, Black, Navy.

Sizes: Small to 3XL

  • Men’s Ultra Fit Hoodie

The Ultra fit hoodie is a traditional one with no zip. The solid coloured hoodie, created with high performance bonded fabric and a soft brushed fleece interior, maximises comfort all day. The Ultra Fit hoodie also offers high breathability and has antimicrobial technology that make it ideal for gym goers. 


Colours: Navy, Black, Grey.

Sizes: Small to 4XL. 

  • Platinum Hoodie

The DxA Platinum hoodie is the epitome of style and comfort. The sleek design, vibrant colours, and bold logo across the chest make the hoodie turn heads wherever the wearer goes. 


Colours: Grey Marl, Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Lime, Navy, and Orange.

Sizes: Small to 3XL. 

Joggers & Shorts:

Joggers & Shorts

DxA joggers and shorts are designed for sportspeople seeking enhanced mobility and comfort. Both joggers and shorts use premium quality, lightweight fabric equipped with four way stretch technology- making them ideal for indoor and outdoor sports. 


These articles are machine washable and do not have long care instructions. So if you intend to upgrade your wardrobe with some trendy joggers and shorts, the DxA collection is perfect for you.

  • Slim Fit Joggers

The modern design and the snug fit of the Slim Fit Joggers make them perfect for all types of sports and everyday activities. 


Colour: Black, Navy, Grey, Khaki.

Sizes: Small to 3XL.

  • Tech Shorts

The lightweight and breathable fabric used in DxA tech shorts makes them ideal for summer months. From the regular performance fit to four way stretch- the Tech shorts have everything you need to make your training session fun and comfortable. 


Colours: Black, Navy, Grey, Blue, Black/Grey.

Sizes: Small to 3XL.

Ribbed Sports Socks:

Ribbed Sports Socks

Socks are an essential part of an athlete's outfit. DxA ribbed sports socks are designed to keep the feet dry and comfy all day. These socks are available in two basic colours and are an excellent choice for sports and everyday activities.


To prevent any size confusion, DxA socks come in only one size. The unique stretch technology makes them conform to the wearer’s feet and is perfect for men of foot sizes 7 to 12. 

Why is the DxA collection a must have?

Why is the DxA collection a must have

DxA sportswear collection is not just another random collaboration between two parties. Being the first collaborative collection of Druids, the brand has put its heart and soul into it. From high quality materials to outstanding tailoring, Druids has ensured that the clothes stand out. 


On the other hand, Aaron Chalmers has made sure that each article is curated with attention to performance and style. The boxing ring champ believes that an athlete's outfit speaks volumes about his commitment to the game. 

To dress for success, one needs to pay attention to every little detail of his outfit, and that's what Aaron has done with this collection. 


The boxing king plans on wearing the DxA collection during his upcoming match and has ensured that all the articles are designed with an active and courageous athlete in mind. 

In short, the DxA collection is a must have because the clothes are high quality, functional, incredibly stylish, and easy on the pocket. 


The DxA sportswear collection is a game-changer in the world of sports and fitness. Designed with performance, style, and affordability in mind, it offers something for every athlete. Be it a boxer, hiker, footballer, or gym goer, the latest sports collection is ideal for anyone who takes their game and style seriously.