All You Need To Know About Druids Waterproof Golf Shoes

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All You Need To Know About Druids Waterproof Golf Shoes

Druids offers high quality waterproof golf shoes at incredibly low prices. From leather to synthetics, the brand stocks something for every golfer. Learn more about Druids golf shoes here.


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All You Need To Know About Druids Waterproof Golf Shoes



Golfers talk about how stunning the golf courses look in spring and how amazing it feels to play golf on sunny days. What they forget to mention, however, are the ugly months of the year when the turf is slippery and rainwater seeps through their shoes. 


Rainy days are uncomfortable and make it impossible to enjoy a round of golf, let alone hit good shots. To tackle such conditions, a sensible all-weather golfer keeps an extra pair of golf shoes in his wardrobe. 


This extra pair isn’t ordinary- it is made with waterproof materials that prevent the water from penetrating and has an outer sole that provides ample stability on uneven, slippery surfaces. 


So if you play golf on rainy days and haven't fallen on the wet turf yet, consider yourself lucky and buy good quality waterproof golf shoes before you fall and learn their importance the hard way. 


Druids is a brand founded by a golf enthusiast for fellow golfers. We aim to make functional golf clothing and footwear affordable for all. With a decade of experience in the golf wear industry, we have produced a waterproof golf shoe collection that offers a solution to golfers’ pain points.  

Benefits Of Wearing Druids Waterproof Golf Shoes

Benefits Of Wearing Druids Waterproof Golf Shoes

Before we dive into the details of waterproof golf shoes, let's discuss their benefits, as they will help you decide whether you truly need a pair or not. 


  • Keep the feet dry and comfortable

The primary benefit offered by Druids waterproof golf shoes is their ability to prevent water from seeping through in wet conditions. 


No matter how wet the greens are or how heavily it's pouring, the waterproof exterior of the golf shoes keeps the insides dry.


Their waterproof golf shoes also have cushioning inner sole that provides excellent comfort. So when wearing them, golfers can walk for hours without developing pain or sores on their feet. 


  • Keep the feet warm on cold days

Druids Waterproof golf shoes are ideal for cold weather conditions as well. They are made with insulating materials like leather that trap heated air particles and keep the feet warm and cozy. 


So, when wearing Druids’  high quality waterproofs, golf players can focus on their game instead of their cold feet. 


  • Offer greater traction and stability

Druids waterproof golf shoes have a specialized outsole design that features multi-directional lugs. These lugs provide extra grip on wet surfaces, helping to improve traction and stability.


The proper traction and stability allow golfers to have better swing and lead to a more efficient transfer of power from the body to the club head, which results in longer and straighter shots.


  • Protect your feet from developing skin conditions like athlete's foot

When the feet stay wet for long hours, they are at greater risk of developing a fungal skin disease called athlete’s foot


Apart from protecting your feet from rainwater, Druids golf shoes have high breathability, preventing sweat from building up on the skin and discouraging the growth of fungus and bacteria. 


  • Keep the feet smelling fresh till the 19th hole

Druids waterproof golf shoes are equipped with an antimicrobial technology that makes it impossible for odour producing bacteria to accumulate even in humid conditions. 


The technology works by trapping the bacteria and neutralising before it gets a chance to produce odour. 

Druids Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 

Druids Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Druids manufacture some of the best waterproof golf shoes in the UK. We use only premium quality materials and equip the shoes with the latest technology. 


Our entire shoe collection is lightweight, comes with a one-year waterproof guarantee, and offers incredible levels of comfort. 


The best thing about our leather and synthetic golf shoes is that they are affordable. So if you want the best features at a reasonable price, Druids is an ideal brand for you.

Two of our best models are listed below. 


  • These leather golf shoes are a true definition of class and elegance. The leather upper of our premium tour shoes makes them incredibly stylish while adding to their breathability and flexibility. 


    The ortholite memory foam technology of the insole and the shock absorbing technology of the midsole ensures comfort. 


    The shoe is also equipped with antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth of odour-producing bacteria and keeps them smelling fresh even after a long and sweaty game day. 


    Lastly, our Premium Tour shoes have an outsole equipped with multi-directional rubber studs that offer excellent traction on wet surfaces.


  • Our Heather golf shoes are made with the finest quality PU leather that keeps the feet dry and comfortable in the rain. 


    Their ortholite memory foam insoles conform to the shape of the feet and keep them in place during a powerful swing. The shoes also have an arched heel and shocking absorbing midsole, adding to the comfort. 


    To ensure they have an excellent grip, the outsole is fitted with spikeless multi-directional rubber cleats. 


    What Materials Druids Uses To Make Waterproof Golf Shoes 

    What Materials Druids Uses To Make Waterproof Golf Shoes 

    • Leather:

    Leather is the most widely used material in the waterproof golf shoe industry. The comfort level of this natural fabric is more significant than any other material used to make shoes. 


    Leather is lightweight, flexible, and highly breathable. It wicks moisture and barricades the entry of rainwater into the shoes. Leather is also highly durable and, with proper care, lasts for several years. 

    • Polyurethane or synthetic leather:

    Golf shoes with a synthetic upper a.k.a PU leather, mimic the properties of genuine leather. These shoes are lightweight, offer waterproof protection, and fit comfortably.


    The only downside of PU leather is that when compared with genuine leather, this material has lower breathability. 


    However, the difference in their price points makes up for PU leather's low breathability. Premium leather shoes are a lot more expensive than synthetic ones. 

    Which material makes the best waterproof golf shoes? 

    Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. So at the end of the day, it all comes down to the person's personal preference and budget. 


    If you already own a pair of synthetics or have a high budget, we recommend you go for leather shoes as they keep the feet dry, have a timeless classic design, and are long-lasting. 


    Guide To Choosing The Perfectly Fitting Waterproof Golf Shoe From Druids

    Buying the right size of golf shoes is extremely important. You may have one of the best waterproof golf shoes in the world, but if they don't fit well, they are a waste of money. 


    Poorly fitting shoes give an uncomfortable fit and may cause severe injuries. Here are a few steps you must follow to get the perfectly fitting golf shoes. 


    Measure length: The first step to buying the correct shoe size is having your accurate size. Put on the socks you wear to the course, sit down and angle your foot to a 45-degree angle so it's flat out on the ground. Then ask someone to measure your feet from the longest toe to the heel. 


    To get a comfortable fit, it is best to take measurements at the end of the day as feet swell from walking around all day.


    Measure width: The width is just as important as the length. Some people have wide feet that do not fit into regular-sized shoes comfortably. So when buying shoes, make sure you choose the correct width and length.


    Try them on: Whether you order the shoes online or buy them at the store, try them at least once to ensure they are the right fit. 


    Here are a few tips to help you get a comfortable fit every time.


    1. There should always be half an inch of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.


    1. Your shoe’s flex point should match your foot’s bend. 


    1. Your feet should be in place when walking in your new shoes, and there should be no excessive movement.


    1. If the eyelets are too far apart, switch to wider shoes. 


    There you have it, a foolproof shoe size guide that will help you pick the right pair every time.  

    Want To Learn More About Waterproof Golf Shoes? Keep Reading 

    Want To Learn More About Waterproof Golf Shoes? Keep Reading

    What characteristics should waterproof golf shoes have?

    One round of golf can last for a minimum of four hours. To feel and score till the 18th hole, you need waterproof shoes equipped with some basic features listed below.

    Insole & Midsole That Ensures Comfort

    Comfort is the first feature to look for in golf shoes. An ideal waterproof golf shoe has an insole that cushions and arches the heel by moulding it to the shape of the golfer’s feet. 


    The midsole, on the other hand, has shock absorbing power that allows golf players to hit powerful shots without causing pain or injuries.  

    Outer Sole That Offers Traction & Stability

    The purpose of waterproof golf shoes' outsoles is to offer stable footing on uneven and wet terrain. The best ones come with rubber cleats or spikes that allow golfers to swing well and hit powerful shots without losing their footing. 


    Good traction is a crucial factor that you must consider when buying shoes. It not only improves your overall game but also allows you to feel more comfortable and confident on the golf course. 


    Gone are the days when high-performance footwear looked plain and boring. Today the style of the golf shoe is a significant factor. So when shopping for a new pair of waterproof golf shoes, make sure it meets your style preferences. 


    Whether you like traditional golf shoes or want to upgrade your golf outfit with something a little more chic, worry not. You will find both types at Druids. 

    Budget Friendly

    The best waterproof golf shoes offer all the features mentioned above at an affordable price. Many of you probably believe that only the most expensive golf shoes from high-end brands offer high quality and performance. But that's far from the truth.


    Hefty price tags and big brands are not synonymous with quality. With some research, you can easily find affordable golf shoes that provide comfort, stability and look super stylish. 

    What is the difference between spiked golf shoes and spikeless golf shoes?

    • Spiked waterproof golf shoes

    The spiked shoes are golf shoes with spikes or cleats on the bottom of the outsole. These spikes or cleats are designed to provide extra traction on the golf course and are particularly beneficial on wet or slippery surfaces.


    The spiked models offer the most stability but have negatives as well. These shoes are uncomfortable to walk in, especially on hard surfaces, and the rigid cleats may cause damage to the green. Spiked shoes often cost more than non-spiked as well.


    So if you plan on getting spiked shoes, make sure you have a reasonable budget and don't try them on and see if they work for you. 

    • Spikeless waterproof golf shoes

    Spikeless shoes are the advanced version of waterproof golf shoes. These shoes have an outsole equipped with rubber studs that mimic the properties of cleats and offer great traction on the golf course. 


    Spikeless golf shoes are becoming increasingly popular among golfers due to their versatility and comfort. They make an excellent casual wear option and are suitable for walking on hard surfaces like concrete. 


    The price of spikeless shoes is also much lower than spiked ones. So if you want to invest in versatile and budget friendly golf shoes, buy the spikeless ones.

    Do waterproof golf shoes stretch over time?

    Waterproof golf shoes may stretch over time depending on the materials and construction of the shoe.


    Leather golf shoes, for example, will stretch over time as the leather conforms to the shape of your feet. 


    On the other hand, synthetic materials may not stretch as much and will maintain their shape. 

    Can you wear golf shoes off-course?

    If you own spikeless golf shoes, you can wear them off course, but frequent use on the rough, hard surface may cause their studs to wear out.


    So if you want your shoes to have a long lasting good grip, it is best to wear them on the course only. 


    Last Word:

    A good pair of waterproof golf shoes is like a wet weather warrior. It fights and protects you feet from elements so you can play peacefully. So choose your warrior wisely and seize the day with your powerful swings and shots.